Gold & Precious Metals

We lend on gold that is yellow, white or rose coloured from 9ct to 24ct. We also lend on gold bullion, silver and platinum.

  • Gold is measured in carats - a unit of purity out of 24 - with each carat indicating 1/24th of the whole. Typically, gold jewellery in the UK is 9, 18 and 22ct.
    When we consider any type of item containing gold, we look at the percentage of gold within a particular piece in relation to the daily gold trading price. Each piece of gold must have minimum valuation of £5,000. The minimum loan value for gold is £10,000.
  • You have a number of options for getting your gold to us:


      Special Delivery Label: Use a free & insured Special Delivery Label to send your gold to us for a guaranteed next day delivery


      Collection: Depending on the value of the gold, we can send a courier to pick it up and deliver it to us with the highest level of attention and security. Of course, we'll arrange this at a time and place convenient for you


      Bring your gold to us: Your time is as valuable as your assets. So make an appointment and one of our expert appraisers and your account manager, will be ready to meet & greet and appraise your gold as soon as you show up


      Home appraisal: If you have a high-value gold asset or you are looking to use multiple assets to secure your loan, one of our expert appraisers can come to you to appraise your assets on location

  • With Borro, you have the confidence of end-to-end insurance. That means your gold is protected from the moment it leaves your hands, until you have it safely and securely returned to you, once your loan is repaid.

    The minimum insurance is the fair market value of your assets; never less, often more. This is provided by both our courier and storage partners, as well as by our own insurance, which is provided by underwriters who are part of Lloyds of London. Need we say more?

    In Transit:


      If you send your gold to us using our free Special Delivery Label, your assets are insured up to the value of £100,000


      For a collection of your gold by a specialist courier service you are insured up to £100,000


      If one of our appraisers takes your gold with them to our valuation centre after a home appraisal, or if it is collected by a Borro employee, you are insured up to £500,000


      In special cases we will make bespoke arrangements to get your gold to us. We will always ensure that your items are fully covered

    With Us:

    When your gold arrives at our valuation centre it is handled under CCTV, barcoded with a unique ID code and photographed.

    While your gold is with us for the valuation as well as for the duration of the loan it is stored in our highly secure vaults and are fully insured up to its fair market value.

  • When your gold is with us, it is subject to both protection and specialist care. During the initial evaluation of your gold, our specialists will speak to you about the condition of the pieces.

    Further to this, your gold will be photographed upon receipt and placed and placed into its own space within ours or one of our partner's highly secure vaults.

    Upon redemption, your gold will be returned to you and if needed, with a pouch or box for you to take with you.

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The first loan I completed was against a silver piece tea set, I visited the offices and they even came down to help me carry my items, and they were very charming. The money I raised was fair so I have continued to come back with other items, generally jewellery.” — A customer with irregular cash flows