A Day in the Life of a Business Development Manager at Borro Private Finance

Ashley Lockwood

First Things First: I get into work at 9.00 am, I’ll catch up with the team and create a plan for the day. I generally spend the morning prepping for our weekly team meeting, gathering information on my cases from the previous week. I try to get 2-3 cases in per day, usually a mix of conference calls and face to face walk ins/appointments.

Morning meetings: I have been working with property brokers, developers and agents since late 2015 and my network has grown since then. I am often referred by property brokers to help fund property transactions using luxury assets. This morning I am meeting an advisor in Mayfair to discuss raising £500k for his client in the middle of a property purchase.

Afternoon: This afternoon I have a client home visit with our valuations director Samantha. The client is a well-known property dealer looking to raise funds for business expansion. We are looking at 5-6 pieces for her that will be used as collateral for a loan; our task is to identify which pieces are most appropriate for lending both from a risk and logistical perspective. As with the nature of the business, the client needs funds ASAP so having received the enquiry last night, we are on the front foot in terms of getting the deal secured.

UK Property Predictions - Luxury home

End of Play: I’ll be back in the office for 4pm where we will have our team meeting. We review strategy and discuss deals from last week. Business Development and Sales also agree commercial terms for transactions that could happen this week or next. After this, we run a company ‘stand up’ meeting which helps boost company morale and momentum.

If you have clients looking to raise funds secured by a luxury asset, please send me an email at ashley.lockwood@borro.com or call 0800 056 1000 for more information.

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