April 2018 Auction Calendar Features Exciting Sales at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s dominates proceedings this month, with Borro Blog choosing to feature their auctions in all 3 of the highlights. The April 2018 auction calendar gets off to a strong start with two blockbusters; the ‘Important Watches’ sale and the highly anticipated ‘Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite’ coming the following day.

Sotheby’s Apr. 2 Important Watches

April 2018 Auction Calendar
Image Source: Sotheby’s

 Make no mistake, there are an inordinate amount of watches up for grabs at Sotheby’s Important Watches sale, taking place in Hong Kong. 424 lots to be precise. However, top of the lot comes from the Patek Philippe Pink Gold Perpetual Calendar Split Seconds Chronograph Wristwatch. The timepiece has been described by Sotheby’s as ‘extremely rare, important and possibly unique’ and is set to fetch up to $1,533,600 (£1,078,000) when it goes under the hammer.

Sotheby’s Apr. 3 Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite

April 2018 Auction Calendar
Image Source: Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s continues to show a strong market force in Asia, with their two biggest auctions coming from Hong Kong. This auction has a field of exceptionally valuable jewellery, such as the Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring that could fetch over $11 million (£7,740,000). However, it is the emerald green ‘Circle of Heaven’ Jadeite Bangle that is proving to be the hit, with a higher estimate of $12,800,000 (£9,005,000).

Sotheby’s Apr. 11 Contemporary Curated

April 2018 Auction Calendar
Image Source: Sotheby’s

A photograph leads the way in this mid-value contemporary art sale taking place in London. The photograph offered comes from one of the most iconic photographers on the planet, Andreas Gursky. He has been known to ‘knock your socks off’ over the years continually, with his big, bold and colourful landscape backdrop photos and this one is no different. ‘Love Parade’ comes signed and mounted in Gursky’s frame and is set to fetch up to £120,000 when it heads to auction on April 11th.


The entire auction calendar for April can be found below:

AuctionAuction HouseCategoryJuly 27, 1900LocationURL
Fine Classical Chinese PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 1, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/AMjeZu
Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian ArtSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 1, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/QENkrv
Contemporary Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 1, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/YNLq6G
Modern Asian ArtSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 1, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/nZtxrk
Fine Chinese PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 2, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/SFeUzW
Curiosity IVSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 2, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/sfKPiF
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & WatchesApril 2, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/smJ2Yq
Ten Auspicious Landscapes of Taishan by Qian WeichengSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/dJW2iM
Imperial Porcelain from a Distinguished Private CollectionSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/J16654
Imperial Alchemy The H.M. Knight Falangcai BowlSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/Fxgise
The Lost Wisdom Sutra – A Treasure from the Golden Age of XuandeSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/yT9yKz
Gems of Chinese Art from the Speelman Collection ISotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/ncSCN9
Magnificent Jewels and JadeiteSotheby'sJewellery & WatchesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/DBxVcK
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 3, 2018Hong Konghttps://goo.gl/JW3Sxp
MoMA: Walker EvansChristie'sApril 28, 1900Online
Pavilion Online: Chinese ArtChristie'sApril 29, 1900Online
Urban ArtArtcurialFine Art and AntiquesApril 4, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/VtZ9oo
Fine and Rare WinesBonhamsFine WineApril 5, 2018

The ComediansChristie'sApril 30, 1900Onlinehttps://goo.gl/z1KKMF
Fine Wine & SpiritsArtcurialFine WineApril 5, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/F12aBa
RM Sotheby's: Fort LauderdaleRM Sotheby'sMay 1, 1900Fort Lauderdalehttps://goo.gl/oiNwFe
The Yamakawa Collection of Twentieth Century Photographs

Christie'sApril 6, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/pfafLS

Christie'sApril 6, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/NDYsuh
Fine Wine & SpiritsArtcurialFine WineApril 6, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/F12aBa
Automobiles sur les Champs 12ArtcurialLuxury carsApril 8, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/dbgk3C
First OpenChristie'sMay 2, 1900Onlinehttps://goo.gl/5Rkozs
A Quantum of History: The Prigogine Collection

Christie'sApril 9, 2018Paris Parishttps://goo.gl/Equrbo
A Beautiful Life: Photographs from the Collection of Leland HirschSotheby'sPhotographyApril 10, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/iMyNwv
PhotographsSotheby'sPhotographyApril 10, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/4JGEjD
Old Masters OnlineSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesMay 3, 1900Onlinehttps://goo.gl/H65LHP
Sculpted by Nature: Fossils, Minerals and MeteoritesChristie'sMay 4, 1900Online
Silver, 19th Century Furniture, Sculpture, Works of Art, Ceramics & Carpets

Christie'sApril 10, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/nH1ZLb
Arts d'Afrique, d'Océanie et d'Amérique

Christie'sApril 10, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/pcKXcj
The Collector: English & European Furniture, Fine Art, Ceramics & Silver

Christie'sApril 10, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/29xYef
Decorative Art and DesignBonhamsFine Art and AntiquesApril 11, 2018

JewelryBonhamsJewellery & WatchesApril 11, 2018

The Contents of a Catalonian VillaBonhamsFine WineApril 11, 2018

Important Mobilier, Sculptures et Objets d'artSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 11, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/iq15Kw
Contemporary CuratedSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 11, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/qyBHra
Milan Modern and Contemporary Art

Christie'sApril 11, 2018Milanhttps://goo.gl/EbLVgY
The Feather Collection: Fine Furniture & Works of Art

Christie'sApril 11, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/e8XZX2
New NowPhillipsFine Art and AntiquesApril 11, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/Y2Ah7Z
Importante Orfèvrerie Européenne, Boîtes en Or et Objets de VitrineSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 12, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/K1kLCV

Christie'sApril 12, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/dVGHko
Andy Warhol: Sunsets Join auctionChristie'sMay 5, 1900Onlinehttps://goo.gl/d7W6we
Fine TimepiecesSotheby'sApril 17, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/CP5nUG
Magnificent JewelsChristie'sApril 17, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/4TnS32
Ritz ParisArtcurialFurnitureApril 17, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/Gqy7GC
The Marine SaleBonhamsOtherApril 18, 2018

Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine WineApril 18, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/jA3i
Magnificent JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & WatchesApril 18, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/zpCP19
Arte Moderna e ContemporaneaSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesMay 6, 1900Milanhttps://goo.gl/Htpm6A
Watches OnlineSotheby'sJewellery & WatchesMay 7, 1900Onlinehttps://goo.gl/JSbAax
19th Century ArtChristie'sApril 18, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/wVqcyz
AntiquitiesChristie'sApril 18, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/2mNqyX
JapaneseChristie'sApril 18, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/nL6kLm
Ritz ParisArtcurialFurnitureApril 18, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/bDuh1h
Fine JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & WatchesApril 19, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/CFyrTB
Old Masters Part IChristie'sApril 19, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/4bFtmG
PrintsChristie'sMay 8, 1900New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/kaKQk6
Old Masters Part IIChristie'sApril 19, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/HdCo4Q
Ritz ParisArtcurialFurnitureApril 19, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/B8X9oq
Life + Curated: The Victor A. Diaz CollectionSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 20, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/WQxo3J
LUXE: ART OF DESIGN | European Decorative Arts and 20th Century DesignSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesMay 9, 1900New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/HX7YeD
The Exceptional SaleChristie'sApril 20, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/fju6ww
Ritz ParisArtcurialFurnitureApril 20, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/Dh7Mzv
Finest & Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine WineApril 21, 2018New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/jA3i
Ritz ParisArtcurialFurnitureApril 21, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/QcbUqt
The Spring Stafford SaleBonhamsFine Art and AntiquesApril 22, 2018

Rugs and Carpets: Including Distinguished CollectionsSotheby'sApril 23, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/STBHfK
Post-War and Contemporary ArtChristie'sMay 10, 1900Amsterdamhttps://goo.gl/vRUrDM
Islamic and Indian ArtBonhamsFine Art and AntiquesApril 24, 2018

The Orientalist SaleSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 24, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/1bpzrN
20th Century Art / Middle EastSotheby'sFine Art and AntiquesApril 24, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/tb6g9B
Christie's Watches OnlineChristie'sMay 11, 1900Online
US CoinsHeritageCoinsMay 12, 1900Schaumburg
CurrencyHeritageCoinsMay 13, 1900Schaumburg
Old Master PaintingsBonhamsFine Art and AntiquesApril 25, 2018

The Pavilion Gardens Motor Car AuctionH&H ClassicsLuxury carsApril 25, 2018Derbyshirehttps://goo.gl/qsNQj7
The Elegant HomeBonhamsMay 14, 1900London
Fine JewelryBonhamsMay 14, 1900London
Important DesignBonhamsMay 14, 1900London
Fine JewelryBonhamsApril 25, 2018London
Arts of the Islamic WorldSotheby'sApril 25, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/ZL3GeW
Le Goût FrançaisChristie'sApril 25, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/BpvgXm
World CurrencyHeritageCoinsMay 15, 1900Schaumburg
Prints & MultiplesSotheby'sMay 16, 1900New Yorkhttps://goo.gl/jA3i
Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and CarpetsChristie'sApril 26, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/pXLoyL
Important DesignPhillipsFine Art and AntiquesApril 26, 2018Londonhttps://goo.gl/HWaJt9
Books & ManuscriptsArtcurialBooksApril 26, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/ErqabB
Furniture & Works of ArtArtcurialFurnitureApril 27, 2018Parishttps://goo.gl/4zgLLp


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