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At Borro we offer valuations on assets that you might to wish lend against, luxury watches are one of the most popular items and can be worth anything from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands. We’ll often encounter questions such as what makes particular watches or brands more valuable than others or which are the best investments, particularly about Rolex, one of the most recognisable luxury brands on the planet.

Below we’ve compiled a list of questions about Rolex watches that you might want answering, if you have any suggestions as to questions we could add please leave them in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Are Rolex Watches...

1. Are Rolex watches cheaper in Dubai/ Are Rolex watches cheaper in the USA?/Are Rolex watches cheaper in Switzerland?

Prices will vary from country to country, but any savings will be mainly due to variation in local taxes and exchange rates. If you purchase a Rolex in another country you will have to pay duty when bringing it home, which could negate any savings. You may have more luck buying a pre-owned Rolex that’s been kept in good condition.

2. Are Rolex watches worth it?/Are Rolex watches a good investment?

We answered this question in more depth here and here. In brief, a Rolex watch is worth buying if you care about the prestige of owning a luxury watch, as it is the most recognisable luxury watch brand worldwide. A Rolex is not the most expensive or even the best made watch in the world, but it is certainly a brand that represents high quality. Though Rolex watches do generally hold their value as investment, buying any watch is unlikely to bring significant returns in the short or even long term.

3. Are Rolex watches battery operated?

Although Rolex did produce a battery-powered watch at one time, the answer is no. A real Rolex will not be battery operated.

4. Are Rolex watches waterproof?

Rolex watches are water-resistant, which has a slightly different meaning to ‘waterproof’. Different models of Rolex have a different level of water resistance, the Rolex Submariner is resistant to 300m. This means they can resist a certain amount of water pressure, but are not completely waterproof.

5. Are Rolex watches handmade?

Rolex use automated machine processes mixed with hand-assembly.

6. Is Rolex the biggest watch brand in the world?

According to Forbes, Rolex is the ‘most valuable’ watch brand in the world with a $7.4billion value, the fifth highest ranked luxury brand overall. No other watchmaker appears in the top 100.

7. Are Rolex watches Swiss-made?

All Rolex watches are made in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in London, England in 1905, but moved to Switzerland in 1919.

8. Are Rolex watches numbered/registered?

Yes, originally Rolex engraved sequential numbers on each watch, since 2010 they have engraved each watch with a random unique combination of letters and numbers. You can read more about the numbering system here.

9. Are Rolex watches solid gold?

Gold Rolex watches are solid 18ct gold, Rolex has their own foundry at their headquarters in Geneva.

10. Are Rolex watches heavy?

Due to the quality of the materials used in a luxury watch like a Rolex, they will be heavier than most watches, depending on the model and size it can be 100g – 200g.

11. Are Rolex watches quartz?

No. Quartz is a type of crystal used in watches and is the most commonly used timekeeping technology in the world. Rolex watches, however, are mechanical and rely on the precise accuracy of their movements.

12. Are Rolex watches on eBay fake?

It is illegal to sell replica Rolex watches, even if you advertise the fact that it is a fake when selling. There may be some fakes on sites like eBay, but it will be very difficult to tell without seeing the watch in person. The price is usually the biggest clue, be suspicious of unlikely bargains!

13. Are Rolex watch replicas worth it?

The reasons for buying a genuine luxury watch are because you know the brand comes with a certain guarantee of quality, a fake or ‘replica’ may be okay or it may be terrible, you have no idea until you’ve already spent and possibly wasted your money. You can get good quality watches at a range of affordable prices that are 100% genuine.

14. How many Rolex watches are made every year?

In 2011 Rolex produced over 750,000 watches, that represents a 33% growth since 1999 and could mean they top 1 million watches annually by the end of this decade.

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