Art Finance Conferences 2017

The art and finance market is merging together more than ever, and many businesses are reaping the benefits. Borro has compiled a list of the top art finance conferences to attend next year, following their 2016 success.

The Art Business Conference – spring 2017, New York

The Art Business Conference 2014The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
The Art Business Conference 2014The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

This event is perfect for all collectors, buyers, sellers, advisors, gallery owners and auctioneers. There is a diverse range of presentations, discussions, workshops and Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to look into the key issues that are affecting the international art market.

This year, topics included the art scene in the Middle East, risks to owners and sellers, the art market value, online branding, Brexit’s effect on TA and VAT and protection of art assets.

The day closes with a networking event were attendees can get the chance to interact with others that operate in the art business sector.

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Allianz Arts and Business NI Awards 2017

2015 Winners

This event sets out to bridge the world between art and business. The awards showcase creative collaborations between businesses and the benefits of working closely together.

Six awards will be presented, included the “Business of the Year” awards which goes to the business that has creatively integrated arts and culture with its business strategy.

One lucky arts organisation will be presented with an award worth £3000 to help them pioneer their ideas and develop themselves as an innovative business.

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Deloitte Art and Finance International Conferences 2017


Here, local players and industry experts are brought together to explore issues and discuss their visions for the future.

This year, the event looked at topics such as how the art market is developing, increasing the visibility of a fine art collection, how to protect art, how to turn it into a working asset and how to maintain an art collection over time.

The event closed with an exclusive tour of the Van Gogh Museum and a speech by his great grandson.

Read more here: Deloitte Art and Finance International Conferences

So there are the top art finance conferences to keep an eye on for next year. Whether youre in industry expert or new to the scene, the learning and networking potential of these events are great – so make sure to get involved!

Have we missed any? Let us know and we’ll add it to the blog.

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