Five Great Assets from Ireland

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day we’ve compiled a list of assets from Ireland that are all worthy of celebration.

1. Irish Gold

Irish gold
In January 2014 research in County Monaghan discovered a literal goldmine in Ulster. Estimates suggest the site could yield up to €13billion in gold ore.

2. Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey
Irish Whiskey has been the fastest growing spirit in the world consistently since 1990. Though production is far smaller than in Scotland, a 20% annual growth in sales has also see growing investment in new Irish distilleries.

3. The Work of Francis Bacon

Though he lived around the world, including London, Berlin and Paris, painter Francis Bacon was born in Dublin in 1909. Upon his death his entire studio was transported from London to The Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin where it is still on display today.

4. The TMC Costin

TMC Costin
When people think of Irish cars the first thing that springs to mind is the star of the Back to the Future movies, the DeLorean, which was actually built in Dunmurry in Northern Ireland. But, the TMC Costin was built in Wexford in Ireland between 1983 and 1987.

5. Luxury Watchmakers

The Brothers McGonigle

Irish brothers, John and Steven McGonigle are independent watchmakers from Athlone who produce luxury hand-crafted watches that sell for upwards of €50,000 and are in demand from watch collectors across the world.

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