The Average Bugatti Owner has 84 Cars, 3 Jets and a Yacht. Ferrari 250 GTO Owners have something else…

Bugatti is a brand that seems to draw customers who are fanatical about personal transport. Wolfgang Duerheimer, President of Bugatti has stated that “The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.”(1). So, what about an owner of a Ferrari 250 GTO, the most expensive car model sold at auction?

While your average Bugatti owner may own an impressive fleet of vehicles, your average Ferrari 250 GTO owner has the status of being a famous millionaire.

A list of Ferrari 250 GTO owners

The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is currently the most expensive car sold at auction (2). It should come as no surprise that the most expensive car in the world is a Ferrari. The price tag of a classic Ferrari is as renowned as the prancing horse that adorns each of the brand’s cars. It’s a brand name that carries an aura of value and the 250 GTO model is a classic car which truly embodies the soul of Ferrari.

Here’s a list of all the people who own a model from the 250 GTO car series that contains the most expensive car in the world.

3223GT JB Honesdale, PA, USA

3387GT Bernard Carl, Washington DC, USA

3413GT Gregory Whitten, Medina WA, USA

3445GT Christopher Cox, Chapel Hill NC,USA

3451GT Lawrence Stroll, Montreal, CDN

3505GT Craig McCaw, Santa Barbara CA, USA

3527GT Irvine Laidlaw, Manchester, UK

3589GT Engelbert Stieger, Teufen, CH

3607GT Robson S. Walton, Bentonville, AR, USA

3647GT James McNeil Jr., Staten Island, NY, USA

3705GT Ed Davies, Coral Gables, FL, USA

3729GT Jack Sears, GB3757GT Nick Mason, London, GB

3767GT Anthony Bamford, Oakamoor, GB

3769GT Anthony Wang, NY, USA

3809GT Hartmut Ibing, Duesseldorf, D

3851GT Fabrizio Violati, Roma, I

I3869GT Giorgio Perfetti, Lainate, I

I3909GT John Mozart, Palo Alto, CA, USA

3943GT Charles E. Nearburg, Dallas, TX, USA

3987GT Ralph Lauren, Long Island, NY,USA

4091GT Peter G. Sachs, Stamford, CT, USA

4115GT Paul Vestey, Alresford, Hants, GB

4153GT Christian Glaesel, D

4219GT Brandon Wang, London, GGB

4293GT William E. ‘Chip’ Connor, Incline Village, NV, USA

4399GT Anthony Bamford, Oakamoor, UK

4491GT Giuseppe Lucchini, Brescia, I

I4675GT Jean-Pierre Slavic, Mies, CH

4713GT Lulu Wang, Ronkonkoma, NY, USA

4757GT Tom Price, SF, CA, USA

5095GT Carlos Hank Rhon, Cuauhtemoc, MEX

5111GT Torrota Collection, E (CH)

(3) – Information sourced from

The Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, clothes designer Ralph Lauren and Robson S. Walton, the son of Walmart founders to highlight a few.

The London-based Ferrari seller, Joe Macari, stated that “It’s a cult car,” going onto say that “If you’re a billionaire, you feel you have to have one.”(4). I guess that explains a lot of the names on this list.

So how does Ferrari make their brand of luxury cars so desirable?

Some Ferrari Secrets…

The sound of its engine –  supposedly the big secret unveiled by former Ferrari Chairman, Mr. Montezemolo. He revealed that he meets with top executives and a professional musician to find that perfect melody that a Ferrari’s engine roars out over the road (5).

An example of that sound that’s helped make Ferrari so successful – A 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO engine.

Video from petrolicious (6)

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo also made the observation that desirability is another key factor in the Ferrari equation for success “Like a good looking woman, you have to desire her” (5) and what better way to create desire than through exclusivity? Ferrari seems to make more money through not selling its cars, than selling them and when it comes to exclusivity the Ferrari GTO racer is the winning horse. Only 39 models of this car exist, all of which are individually customised, giving each 250 GTO racer its own identity.








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