Blue Diamond Valuation Hits $25million

This Wednesday (14th May) will see the world’s largest flawless fancy vivid blue diamond go under the hammer in Geneva, at a price expected by Christie’s to reach at least TWENTY-FIVE million dollars.

The owner of the gem is unknown, but Christie’s has revealed that they are long-term owners whose attention was caught by the huge number of record prices set over the past year for coloured diamond auctions. It will be sold as part of Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale featuring over 260 jewels, of which ‘The Blue’ is the most valuable.

Back in November 2013, a fancy vivid orange diamond set a world record of $35.5million when it sold in Geneva, the 14.82-carat diamond fetched an unprecedented price-per-carat for a coloured diamond sold at auction. An increasing demand for coloured diamonds has seen blue diamond valuations sky rocket, at Bonhams last year a fancy blue went for $1.8m per carat, a rate which could easily be beaten by ‘The Blue’, if it exceeds its top estimate.

Blue Diamond Valuation – How it’s Done.

Colour. The term ‘fancy vivid’ refers to the GIA’s scale of colour intensity, which ranges from ‘faint’ to ‘fancy’ to ‘fancy vivid’ with numerous stages in between. The more intense a diamond’s colour, the more rare and therefore valuable it is.

Clarity. Refers to the flaws or imperfections in the diamond, these are often invisible to the naked eye, but the fewer there are the more valubale it will be. “…flawless means that it has no impurities from the outside nor the inside” – Daniel Struyf, a jewellery expert at Christie’s.

Carat. Very simply the weight of the gem – The Blue weighs in at 13.22 carats.

Cut. The most important factor, the proportions of the gem, such as the pear-shape of ‘The Blue’ – determine the sparkle of the diamond, how well it reflects light through the top of the gem.

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