Bonhams Goodwood Sale Offers Something For Everyone

The Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed sale is traditionally the highlight of the British auction calendar. In recent years it has hit the headlines with some record-breaking sales including the stunning ex-Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes W196R which sold for £17.7 million in 2013.


So, what does this fine auction have available this year? If you’re searching for a bargain how about the rather notorious Rolls-Royce Phantom, previously owned by a crime lord known as ‘Don Car-Leone’. Once found with £800,000 of cash in its boot the car is now up for sale with an extremely low reserve of just £30,000 – £50,000. Be warned though, there are no documents, the 9,630 mileage is incorrect and it hasn’t been taxed since 2009 so is in need of some re-commissioning, details of which are available on request.


Another car that has a sensible estimate is an immaculate Porsche 911 3.2 owned by a certain James May. Whilst recording a radio show about the myth of the M25 races in the 1980s, James visited the showroom of specialist Paul Devyea and bought the car on the spot. It has also appeared on TV a few times. A comprehensive history, 55,000 miles and a Concours runner-up make this a fantastic example of a car rapidly growing in popularity with collectors. With an estimate of £28,000 – £34,000 this is a great opportunity to buy a well documented and solid 911 when there are so many bad examples on the market.


Next up in our favorites is something of a ‘Marmite’ car. The Citroen SM Coupe, currently owned by Bill Wyman – former bass player with the Rolling Stones. Citroen’s legendary chassis technology combined with a glorious Maserati engine was a winning formula, the bodies low-drag meant that it was able to hit 140mph, making it one of the fastest cars around in 1971. Owned from new by Wyman, he treated it to a renovation in 2014. With just 58,683 kilometers on the odometer and an unrivaled provenance this SM is sure to exceed its relatively modest lower reserve of £35,000. Look after it and its residuals will look after you.


Remember Don Car-Leone? Well he was also the lucky owner of an immaculate Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. A Ferrari for £60,000 that features a reworked Enzo engine putting out 612bhp and capable of 0-100mph in an eye watering 7.4 seconds! What’s the catch? Well, it’s certainly not the mileage, this car has a genuine 132 kilometers on the odometer. It does however lack any documents and will require a Certificate of Conformity issued by Ferrari before you can register it. Also worth remembering that should you buy this and reside in the EU a further 20% will be added for import taxes. Regardless, this beautifully appointed car is well worth keeping an eye on come Friday lunchtime.


Our final choice is a bit of a wild one and sure to be one of the biggest sales of the day. The 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster. The word rare is over used these days, but in this case it is the truth. One of only six ever produced, this road-going version of the famous race car is rarely seen in public. This particular example was owned by Mercedes-Benz until 2014 and has covered just 8km, and the only black one of the six roadsters. Built after the coupe version of which there are 25 examples, the Roadster featured an extra 40bhp boosting output to 640bhp and a Formula 1-style, sequential six-speed paddle shift transmission. To this day the CLK GTR Roadster remains one of the most expensive ‘production’ cars and as such the estimate of £1.4 – £1.8 million is a fair value. The biggest struggle will be avoiding the temptation to put mileage on one of the most immaculate and rare supercars of our time.

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