Motoring On: Introducing the borro Car Guide

Over the past few years we have been bringing you all the latest news on what’s coming up at auction, whether it be the latest rare classic cars to go on sale or information on unique items like the iconic Batmobile which recently raised $4.6 million. While we will continue to bring you this information in our Industry News section, we are now beginning an exciting new chapter in the borro blog experience.

Why Are We Changing Our Blog?

Comments and feedback from you, our audience, has led us to plan new content by way of specific blogs on cars. Many of you have stipulated you’d like far more information on the motoring world – from valuation advice to tips on buying and selling. Perhaps you’d like to know what cars appreciate in value, what makes a car a classic or simply how to prep your car for auction? We will be discussing all these points and more in our new Car Guide.

Who Is The Blog Aimed At?

In our series of blogs, we’ll be posting on a variety of topics which will be accessible enough for auto-newbies, while retaining enough genuinely insightful content to keep car enthusiasts happy. The blog will be released every Thursday at midday, so be sure to log on to see the latest post.

borro’s Other Blogs

Our ‘Car Guide’ will be scheduled in tandem with our existing ‘Watch Guide’ (which is released each Wednesday). These blogs have been on-going for the past month, concentrating on the history and value of watches, as well as interesting new concepts and whacky new inventions.

Let’s Be Interactive!

The idea for this blog series was formulated with your comments in mind, and as such we want to make the experience as interactive as possible. The borro team consists of skilled valuers who’s job it is to answer your questions, so we’d love to hear from you. The more interaction we can have, the more relevant our blog will be so we hope you’ll join us.

Next week we’ll be discussing classic and vintage cars – is it true to say that all vintage cars are classics in their own right?

Until next time, Ed Hallinan and the borro team.

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