Borro’s Car of the Month – 2017 Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet

A look at Mercedes-G Class

G650 Landaulet
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First nicknamed the ‘G-Wagen’, short for Gelandewagen (translated to cross country vehicle), the G-Class is one of Mercedes’ most prestigious and alluring models. It brings luxury and desirability to a type of car that has traditionally been used for practical, off road purposes. The G-Class can be identified as a status symbol, most often seen parked up in luxury boroughs of major cities; however due to the pristine engineering and robust bulky frame of the model, it is also a range of car used by military regiments all over the world. Before we explore the G650 Landaulet, we’ll look at the history of the brand.

Development for the G-Wagen started in 1972, which was tested strenuously in the German Coalfields, the Sahara Desert and the Arctic Circle, to ensure it was as rigid and robust as Mercedes intended it to be. However, it wasn’t until 1992 that the first commercial G model began production, offering amenities such as cruise control, running boards and a Burl Walnut wood interior trim for sleek looking aesthetics. Since then, Mercedes marked its 30th anniversary of the vehicle in 2009, with over 200,000 manufactured in Graz since 1979. The price of a G-Class Mercedes usually starts at around £100,000.

G650 Landaulet
Image Source: Mercedes

The 2017 Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet

Considered by Mercedes to be the ‘definition of unique luxury’ and ‘open air luxury both on and off road’, the car has all the fundamental elements of a G-Class. Now call the G-Wagon, as the first off roader from the Mercedes-Maybach sub brand, it is as powerful as it is flashy, boasting a V12 engine. However, it is the combination of automotive excellence, robust off-road capability and the luxurious chauffeur style interior that sets the G650 Landaulet model apart from the rest.

The interior almost resembles a first-class lounge fit for royalty, with cool features such as massage chairs, thermal cup holders and colour changing glass at the touch of a button. Passengers in the car also benefit from an open-air experience, with the roof being retractable, again, at the push of a button. This surely must be the finest example of elegance, luxury and desirability that Mercedes has ever produced.

G650 Landaulet
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Bonhams Zoute Sale

Bonhams Zoute sale took place on 6th October in Belgium and consisted of an array of highly desirable luxury motors. However, which one came out on top? You guessed it, the 2017 Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. The last of its kind to ever be produced sold for a whopping €1,200,000 (£1,077,780) at the charity auction.


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