borro’s Money Making Ideas competition

At borro, we’ve worked closely with small business owners and entrepreneurs where access to finance is crucial to business development and driving innovation. This is why we launched borro’s Money Making Ideas competition, teaming up with the Adam Street Private Members Club and Business Circuit to help facilitate the search.

The winners prizes included:

  • £10,000 to invest into their business idea
  • A one year Membership to both the Adam Street Private Members club and Business Circuit
  • A mentoring lunch with our panel of judges

Entrants were invited to submit a 60 second video elevator pitch or 250 word text pitch via our borro Facebook page and 10 finalists were shortlisted by our panel of judges:

Paul Aitken – CEO of borro
Tim Levene – Non-Executive Director at borro
Matt Gubba – Founder of Business Circuit
James Minter – Owner of the Adam Street Private Members Club

The competition was then open to our social media community who voted to determine the overall Money Making Ideas winner – the Miller Lock.


See the winning and final 10 pitches below:

Miller Lock

Advanced Balance Systems

Future Best Computers

Skin Analytics

Compare The Uni

Excel Martial Arts

Karisma Kidz

Mindings, Sparkco

The Splats

Revision App

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“I think the highlight for me was the quality of the entrees. There was an amazing range of entrants which must have made it difficult for people to choose the winners…” – Paul Aitken, CEO borro

“I really enjoyed the whole voting phase, getting down to the ultimate winners. Ultimately, I hope that the prize money will go into really developing the product and getting the winners in a position to be able to put some on the shelves in the next 12 months…” – Tim Levine, Non-Executive Director, borro

“The highlight for me was going to the events and getting to meet all of the contestants, getting to see some of the pitches live as well and just finding out a little bit more about them…” – Matt Gubba, Founder of Business Circuit

borro are pleased to have assisted in funding an idea that will help to drive a business forward at a time when the economy needs a real kick start.

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