A Day in the Life of a Borro Expert – Hannah Lindsay

Hannah Lindsay

7:30        Partner Meeting at Heathrow

Today I have a partner who represents a number of private banks passing through London on his way from Geneva to Dubai. I take the opportunity to drive out to Heathrow early to meet him between flights or it could be another month that I see him face to face. He has already referred a number of luxury asset borrowers and a large property loan so the trip is well worth it.

classic car showroom

11:00     Pitching Classic Car Showroom

As I was coming back to London via the M4 I booked a meeting to pitch to a new potential referral partner, a boutique classic car showroom near Chiswick. I meet with the Sales Manager and talk through Borro products and services and give examples of clients who we have helped through lending against their classic car collections. We agree next steps, including creating marketing collateral for his sales teams. The key is going to be helping his team understand how Borro’s products can help them and their clients.

14:00     Fashion Design Valuation

I need to be at a client valuation in Little Venice by 2pm, so I park the car and jump on a Tube. This is going to be a complicated case as the assets are a fashion designers sketches and garments worn by celebrities. Our Director of Valuations, Samantha Lilley, comes fully prepared having spent the morning researching previous auctions of similar assets. When I get to the client’s house we find there is a whole room dedicated to their collection! I spend my time talking to the client making sure she fully understands our lending process while Samantha works through her collection.

Now it is a race back to the office, so Samantha can finalise the valuation and our Sales Team can walk the client through the final contract.


16:00     £372k Jewellery Loan Follow Up

Earlier in the day, an existing client had 6 diamond rings picked up by our courier, they needed £350,000 that day. Now that I’m back in the office, I have a chance to follow up with the client and our valuations team in person. The offer, slightly higher than requested at £372,000 had already gone to the client. Even though they have borrowed from us before, I spend 20 minutes on the phone with client making sure the process met their expectations.

I finish my time in the office preparing for tomorrow’s meetings, getting notes together, and making sure I have followed up on all emails that day.

18:00     Speaking Engagement at HNWI Dinner

At 6pm I head off to a HNWI networking dinner where I am giving an after dinner speech about the luxury asset market. A couple of days ago I had run through the talk with our Sales Director, Claire Barrington-Jones, I was going to give a brief overview on the impact recent auctions in Hong Kong were having on London diamond prices.

At the dinner I decided to tweak my speech as I had a conversation with another guest about the best places to buy jewellery. When my turn to speak comes, in addition to talking about diamond prices, I mentioned that a couple of upcoming auctions would be great opportunities to buy jewellery at lower costs than retail. This goes down a storm so I spend the rest of the evening answering questions about auctions before heading to bed, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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