The Fintech Bible: An Insiders Guide to Personal Finance with Paul Aitken

Borro CEO Paul Aitken offers you his advice into personal finance in an interview with FinTech.

Borro CEO and Founder, Paul Aitken
Borro CEO and Founder, Paul Aitken

Pauls’ top 3 pieces of advice in his particular FinTech niche or area of expertise for consumers

1) “Each FinTech lender targets a specific need, at Borro we provide asset rich, cash poor clients with liquidity, fast. Make sure you pick the lender that suits you”.

2) “For property lending, make sure you are working with a good broker, they need to understand your property, the types of lending you are looking for, and which lenders will fit those needs. Working with the right broker will save you a lot of time, headaches, and often money”.

3) “When it comes to luxury assets, buy what you love first, not what you think will be worth the most in 5 years, it’s a market and it takes a lot of time and skill to predict markets”.
Pauls’ one piece of advice to the public about personal finance in 2016

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Borro, it’s that people don’t realise all the places they have stored their money. Understanding this is key to getting the most out of your finances”.

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Anthony writes about luxury asset trends for Borro Private Finance.