Five Great Wine Information Sites

There’s a huge variety of wine-related sites, blogs and social media accounts online, a lot of them offer wine reviews and news on the industry. But, there’s also a wealth of resources with information on everything from growing grapes to which type of glass works best with which type of wine. Whether you’re new to wine or need a refresher, below are five of the best wine information resources we’ve found.

 1. Glasses.

Wine Folly has some of the best tutorials of any wine blog. Their guide to wine glasses is particularly comprehensive, discussing sizes, the difference between crystal and glass, how the glass affects the flavour and how you drink your wine should determine what glasses you buy.


2. Grapes.

Amongst their many other resources and blogs on wine-making, Wine Maker Mag have an introduction to the most common varietals of wine grape, broken down by family, colour and grape.

3. Vineyards.

There are some fantastic videos about wine on YouTube and unfortunately they often get overlooked. This nicely put together video from Caymus Vineyards shows the process of growing and harvesting grapes and features some beautiful Napa Valley scenery.


4. Buying.

Wine-searcher is an independent wine search engine that lists nearly six million bottles of wine and where to buy them. Its price comparison service is fantastic, featuring a historical price tracker as well as tasting notes on each wine and similar alternatives.

5. Storing. 

Wineware are a wine accessories company with a series of useful blogs all about how to store wine. Perhaps the most useful is their guide to storing open bottles of wine with information on tools for sealing the bottle, where to keep it and how long it will last!

Hopefully you’ve found our top five wine resources useful, if you have any suggestions for us, please do share in the comments below or get in touch via our Twitter page.


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