Five Unique Collector Car Auctions in 2013

Collector Car Auctions

2013 was another benchmark year for sales of classic cars, race cars and memorabilia, below are some of our favourite Collector Car Auctions from 2013.

5. Lady Astor’s Rolls-Royce

Lady Astor was the first female MP and her 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom was auctioned back in January, as we covered on Appreciating Assets.

4. Mercedes w196 Racecar

This Mercedes race car belonged to five time F1 champ Juan Manuel Fangioand sold for a unprecedented £19.6m.

3. Freddie Mercury’s Rolls-Royce

The former Queen front-man’s Rolls-Royce was sold earlier in the year, it had previously been used as part of global smash hit musical We Will Rock You.

2. Original Batmobile

The batmobile car from the original 1960s TV series starring Adam West, the prop was originally purchased for just one dollar.

1. Fifty Million Dollar Ferrari

This Ferrari race car became the most expensive vehicle ever sold at auction when it raised a staggering $52 million this year.

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