Harry Potter and the Valuable Memorabilia

Once upon a time, there was a franchise worth nearly £15 billion, the memorabilia from said franchise (things like toy wands, scarves, video games etc.) making up nearly a third of that figure (1). This highly lucrative memorabilia collection belonged to none other than the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter and the Superfan

One fan, Katie Aiani, has hoarded a collection of memorabilia so vast and varied that it’s now worth £40,000. Her collection comprises of autographs, movie props, witch robes, wands, an exclusive movie banner, as well as a letter from the author, J.K Rowling herself. Not to mention all this…

The letter J.K Rowling sent her reads ‘Keep fighting! You’re inspirational. With love & admiration – Jo’. A message which the fan, of course, decided to get tattooed on her arm.

However, the letter and the unique movie banner that Katie collected from the London world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part two (2011) are not the only pieces of rare memorabilia generated in the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter and the Tales of Beedle the Bard

J.K Rowling produced 7 hand written copies of the book entitled The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which features 5 fictional short stories, based in the world of Harry Potter. All 7 of the handwritten editions that were produced had a different set of semiprecious stones set on the cover, 6 of which the author dedicated and gave to those who had been significantly involved with the series.

The seventh copy was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in 2007 for the sum of £1.95 million. The profits were donated to the Children’s Voice charity; a cause that the author chose and chairs herself.

Another book which received a lot of attention at another Sotheby’s auction was J.K Rowling’s one of a kind, first edition of the Philosopher’s Stone. The book featured personal annotations and illustrations drawn by Rowling and fetched the price of £150,000 through a telephone bid.

Digital Memorabilia

Harry Potter fans are stirring once more as J.K Rowling recently released a new story about the lesser known character Celestina Warbeck on the Pottermore web site; a site which grants subscribers some further exclusive insight into the Harry Potter universe. The site itself made £3 million in its first month through its eBook store alone. Who knows what other digital assets could develop and maybe, in years to come, add to the tale of Harry Potter and the Expensive Memorabilia?

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