How Do I Sell My Bentley?

How Do I Sell My Bentley?

How do I sell my Bentley?

A Bentley is more than a car. The way an antique candelabra is not just for lighting the dining room or a Rolex Oyster does not just tell the time, a Bentley does not just drive you from one place to another.

Bentley is one of several iconic British car brands that stand for luxury, quality and history. The brand itself is now owned wholly by Volkswagen and has been since 1998, having originally been taken over by fierce rivals Rolls-Royce in 1931.

Bentley’s pedigree was established through their success in the early days of the Le Mans endurance race with five victories between 1924 and 1930. Unfortunately the same success couldn’t be replicated away from the track, the financial turmoil of the 1929 crash resulting in the acrimonious sale of the company.

Bentley Models

Bentley currently have four models on the market, the Mulsanne, a luxury four-door sedan, the Continental GT, a luxury grand tourer, the Continental GTC, the convertible version of the GT and the Flying Spur, essentially a four door version of the Continental. There are also plans to launch a Bentley SUV by 2016, their first ever foray into this market.

Classic models include the Azure, a four-seater convertible grand tourer and the Arnage a predecessor to the Mulsanne.


Prices vary depending on age and condition of the vehicle, below are some guidelines as to what to expect

Azure – 50k – 120k

Arnage – 20k – 60k

Flying Spur  – 30k  [2005-06 models]– 150k [2012-13 models]

Continental GT – 27k [2004 models] – 160k [2012-13 models]

Continental GTC – 45k – 170k

Mulsanne – 112k – 250k

Selling Options

Assets – The most important thing to remember about classic brands like Bentley is that they are an investment as well as a vehicle. The rise in classic car prices has been astonishing over the past decade and is set to continue. If you are selling the car to ease your cash flow, it would be financially wise to investigate other options before losing out on the potential growth of a fantastic asset.

Collectors sites – There are wealth of easy to find collectors sites, blogs and forums for Bentley that not only offer you the chance to sell your Bentley but give you the opportunity to speak directly to other Bentley owners.

Car dealers – Specialist car dealers will have the cash to take your car off your hands, but only if the deal is right for them, if you’re an experienced negotiator it might be worth trying, but beware that they may well know more about your car than you do.

Auctions – They can be a gamble, but there are specialist auctions that deal purely in luxury and classic cars. They will provide you with expert advice on selling the car, but you could risk paying the auction listing fees whether or not your car sells.

Bentley Facts

  • As of 2013 China is the number one market for Bentley cars.
  • Despite the brand carrying his name for 95 years, Bentley founder ‘W.O’ was only in charge of the company from 1919 to 1925.
  • Queen Elizabeth II was presented with two Bentleys for her golden jubilee in 2002 which are now used as official state limousines.
  • Because of their scarcity and prestige in the United States they are incredibly popular with rappers such as Jay-Z and Ludacris, and featured in the title of Lloyd Banks’ 2010 single “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”.


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