How To Store a Birkin Bag

If you’ve invested in a beautiful Hermès Birkin bag you want to keep it in the absolute best condition possible. Partly because what good is showing off a designer bag with scuffs, stains and dents, but also because the value of pre-owned designer bags is at an all-time high and set to continue growing. The condition of the bag, along with the material, brand and accessories are the most important factors in determining value.

Hermès Ostrich Birkin | How to Store a Birkin Bag

The greatest chance of damaging your designer Birkin bag comes when using it – leaking hand-cream, lipstick with the lid off, errant ball point pens – but your bag can suffer damage when not being used as well. There are a variety of reasons you may store your bag, if you’re moving, if you’ve purchased or inherited it as an investments or if you’re really lucky, because you have so many you can’t use them all at once!

Five Tips on How to Store a Birkin Bag

Below is our list of the most important steps to take when thinking about how to store a Birkin bag.

1. Clear Out

Make sure to empty your bag completely! This may seem obvious and of course you won’t leave your keys, cash and driving license in a bag that won’t be used – but make sure to clean out any small crumbs, pieces of paper or other debris – the smallest thing could affect the quality of the bag.

2. Dust Free

Don’t keep your bag in the original box – it’s made of natural material and needs air circulation. However, dust is a big problem and can get right into the crevices of the bag and dry out the leather, causing it to weaken and crack. A dust cover will do the job – every new bag will come with an official cover – but if you don’t have one, you should be able to purchase a generic replacement. Keeping it out of the dust bag and in the open is ideal, but may not be feasible if you can’t keep the area completely dust free.

3. Keep the Shape

Keep the bag in shape by stuffing it with an appropriate material – the original packaging is best – but if you no longer have it, use a substitute like bubble wrap or tissue paper. Ensure it is clean and free of any substances that could leak into the bag. Be sure not to over-stuff the bag and also consider loosening any straps to avoid indentations or strain.

4. Regular Cleaning

Bags do need professional cleaning – though you don’t want to overdo it. The cleaning process, even when the appropriate chemicals are used, can put a strain on the bag and weaken the leather over time. Get it professionally cleaned before it goes into storage or do a thorough but very careful job yourself and then give the bag time to recover.

5. The Right Conditions

Humidity and heat will destroy the quality of a leather bag if left for long enough in the right (or wrong…) conditions. Mildew can build up in the crevices and weaken the creases or the colour of the material can fade if in direct sunlight. Be particularly wary if you live in a hot and humid climate – a dehumidifier may be a wise investment.

The tips above are all sensible steps to take and will certainly give you a good grounding on how to store a Birkin bag, but asking the manufacturer or retailer directly may give you more specialist information or the opportunity to purchase complementary products to protect your bag. Also, Birkin bags and other luxury designer handbags are extremely high quality and made of some of the most durable natural materials around, so remember to spend as much time enjoying your bag as you do getting it ready for storage!

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