Introducing Borro’s New Partner Portal

Borro Partner Portal


Borro’s new and improved partner portal launched in January 2016. To provide insight into the development of the portal, Appreciating Assets interviewed Borro’s VP of Product Management, Sean Helmes.

Why was the portal revamped?

After an internal review, we saw an opportunity to better support partner and broker needs by enhancing the referral process for property and luxury assets loans.

What are the key features of the portal?

We’ve automated as much as possible in the portal to minimise the amount of time it takes for a partner to sign onto the platform and make a referral. Forms on the portal auto populate and will suggest addresses, luxury asset brands and artist names.

Once a referral is made, partners can get unparalleled insights on the progress of the client’s application in real time.

Due to the streamlined process, loan decisions can be completed within an hour and partner commissions can be paid on the same day that the client’s loan closes.

The site is also fully compliant with UK regulations and property deals are supported from start to finish.

How did you decide on the portal’s design?

Before our design and development process, we first consulted many of our existing partners to determine what features and functionality they would benefit from most and assessed how they would like to access our new portal.

Then, following best practices, we designed the new partner portal to be responsive so that it is optimized for any device a partner is using. Whether they are visiting the portal from a desktop computer, tablet device or smartphone, the display will automatically adapt to the device.

By following best practices in design and layout for each of these device types we help ensure that the features our partners want are accessible in the most intuitive way.

We also are eager to collect more feedback from partners who use our new partner portal so that we can continue to enhance it with features that make our partner’s lives easier.

How do partners sign-up?

Access to the site is free. Partners can simply visit to create an account. Once the account is created, they can start referring clients immediately.

Existing partners can expect to receive an email prompting them to sign-up. All of the current information we have on file for them will carry over to the new portal.

We’re currently running a promotional offer where partners will receive 3% on their first closed loan if the loan referral is made within 60 days of creating their partner account.

What do you hope the response to the portal will be?

We are confident that the new Borro partner portal will make it easier than ever for our partners to enhance their client relationships and satisfaction. Therefore, we hope the response from our partners is positive and we look forward to receiving their feedback so we can continue to enhance the features that the partner portal provides to them.

About the Author:

Shani is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Borro Private Finance.