London Classic Car Show 2018

London Classic Car Show 2018

After another long year’s wait, the biggest classic car exhibition of the year was back at the Excel Centre in East London. Jampacked full of dealers, manufacturers, car clubs and products; this was an unmissable event for any classic car enthusiast.

There were more reasons than ever for visitors to part with their hard-earned money, with more exciting features. There were grand unveilings of new supercars, celebrity and industry expert talks, and some of the rarest classic cars being paraded down the central runway. There was even a Getaway Car Exhibition, featuring some of the most famous cars to have appeared on the silver screen throughout the years.

The Grand Lister Thunder Unveiling

London Classic Car Show 2018

Thursday night is arguably the most exclusive session for classic car patrons to attend. Attendees get the chance to take the first look at this year’s classic cars for sale. They were featured in an exclusive one-off parade on the show’s highly popular runway, which takes centre stage in the middle of the venue hall.

However, the main attraction from the Preview Evening came from the Lister Motor Company. Their world exclusive preview revealed their ‘fastest, most powerful and most luxurious supercar’, the Lister Thunder. The supercar showcased a tuned version of the Jaguar 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine, allowing for a top speed of an impressive 208mph.



The Jaguar ‘Gomm’ Special

London Classic Car Show 2018

Over 100 classics grace the prestigious Grand Avenue runway at the Excel Centre. However, this rare, green racing Jaguar caught the attention of Borro Blog, amongst many other dazzled spectators. Truly one of the greats of British racing to come out of the 1950’s.

Lamborghini 1957 DLA 35 Tractor

London Classic Car Show 2018

Out of an array of significant, rare classics came a bizarrely beautiful spectacle in the Lamborghini tractor, built way back in 1957. Far slower speeds can be expected from this than other models in the Lamborghini, with the top speed only achieving around 15mph. However, the rarity is there for all to see, with this being one of only 117 of the models built. It certainly attracted its fair share of attention from show punters.

Getaway Cars

London Classic Car Show 2018

This year, the Classic Car Show paid homage to getaway cars, with Phillip Glenister, famous for his role as DCI Huntin in Ashes to Ashes taking the lead selection role. He curated a selection of the greatest getaway cars from real life and film. You may remember the car featured above as the one that Robert De Niro famously drove in the 1998 film Ronin.

Notably, the Classic Car Show also showcased a Classic Car Magazine stand, in which industry legend Quentin Wilson held talks on his ‘smart buys’. This was combined with celebrity and industry expert talks which took place over the weekend from speakers such as ex-Formula One winning racing driver Nigel Mansell.

It’ll be tough to top this year’s attractions, but with dates already confirmed for 2019, expect the Classic Car Show to return bigger and better. The show’s reputation amongst the classic car community reigns in at an all-time high.

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