London’s Top 10 Fintech Rockstars

London – England’s main metropolis that serves as the New York City of the east is making strides in the business world. Besides the Big Ben and freezing rain, London is also known for its financial advancements. Not only is its startup community thriving, but it’s finance laws are spectacular, and most importantly, it’s home to some of the worlds most brilliant fintech rock stars. We have searched for London’s top 10 fintech rock stars high and low and are happy to share our list of CEO’s that are changing the way we do fintech, today and in the future.

Paul Aitken, Borro

Before setting out to create Borro, Paul Aitken was the founder of Movta, a provider of mobile solutions to leading media companies, which he then went on to sell in 2005. Borro is the world’s first online lender. Since inception, Borro’s goal was to reinvent the pawn broking industry by giving companies and people large amounts of cash fast, usually using physical objects or tangible assets as collateral. Borro was launched in the UK in 2008 and was deemed the first online alternative lender. After raising 7.5 Million dollars from funding, Borro expanded to the US in 2012.  Borro then received a 112 Million dollar investment, which gives the company an estimated lending limit of 2 Million dollars per account.

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