Luxury Brands and the SUV Market – Poll

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini recently announced that the 2012 concept car you see above – the Urus – will be hitting the road for real in 2018 – with around 3000 being produced each year.

This follows the news that Bentley will be releasing their first SUV – the Bentayga, going on sale in 2016.

But should brands that define themselves by luxury be involved in the Sports Utility Vehicle market? There can’t be much more of a clearer contradiction of ‘luxury’ than ‘utility’.

Does this type of expansion harm the prestige of luxury brands like Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche? Do you think it’s the equivalent of Patek Phillipe building a smartwatch? Or is it just good business sense and a great opportunity to bring luxury to a new type of vehicle?

Let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

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