The Luxury Christmas Crackers that put Santa’s Sack to Shame

That iconic moment where you sit down to your Christmas meal is almost here and whether it is the age old traditional turkey or the new age Japanese tradition of the Christmas KFC meal, somewhere crackers will be pulled and poor jokes will be told. But it’s not every year that Christmas crackers such as these are used.

However, not everyone who pulls a cracker this year will tell a terrible joke or receive an equally terrible toy. VeryFirstTo has composed a set of fully customisable luxury Christmas crackers containing a selection of assets that will put most of the presents in Santa’s’ sack to shame. Overall, the Christmas cracker set comes up to £4,018,600, making it the most expensive luxury Christmas cracker set ever known.

Sunseeker Yacht – £3,700,000

As soon as the cracker’s been pulled and the key fob for a Predator 84 yacht pops out, the lucky winner will have just found themselves the ideal venue for their New Year’s party this year. This just may be the prized gem of all of the luxury Christmas crackers available from the VeryFirstTo collection.

Aston Martin Vanquish – £190,000

The key to an Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe. It’s not quite the key to an Aston Martin DB 10, set to feature in the latest James Bond film Spectre (2015), but finding a key to any of the cars to feature in the Bond film series would never be a disappointment. Identified by Aston Martin to be the manufacturer’s flag ship, the Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe offers the luxury Christmas cracker winner a a set of stylish wheels that can reach up to the speed of 201 mph.

Breguet Tradition Watch – £19,000

An 18-carat rose gold Breguet Tradition watch is another asset up for grabs from the £4m Christmas cracker collection. This Breguet Tradition timepiece is something outlined by Breguet to hold true to the brand’s origins while being an embodiment of its future. It is a piece of horology that anyone should be happy to receive.

Diamants Legers De Cartier Diamond Necklace – £18,000

A luxury Christmas cracker set that’s worth £4m you would expect to have piece of exquisite jewellery. While this impressive white gold necklace that’s set with 20 diamonds comes up short compared to the keys to an Aston Martin Vanquish or a Sunseeker yacht, it definitely beats the fragile party hats that adorn the older generation’s heads for approximately ten minutes or so. Although this Cartier necklace would be an exceptional surprise in a Christmas cracker this is year, the Tiffany’s Christmas cracker that was showcased by the jeweller’s last year holds stones and jewellery worth approximately 10 times the value of Cartier Diamond necklace would be better still.

‘Like No Other’ Trip – £ 77,500

A ticket that offers a trip which makes Willy Wonka’s golden ticket in the Roald Dahl classic look like a 2 day permit to Disney land. From the pit of flame in Turkmenistan to witnessing the Northern lights from your very own ice igloo, the ‘Like No Other’ trip ticket is a Christmas cracker prize that holds the answer to your choice of holiday destinations for 2015.

Pen of the Year 2015 – Graf Von Faber-Castell – £6,500

This pen may seem like one of the lesser luxury Christmas cracker prizes from this £4m set, but none the less it is an exquisite asset to find in a Christmas cracker. The ‘Pen of the Year’ 2015 was inspired by the wealth of the materials and style of the New Palace of Sanssouci, located near Berlin; a palace that was constructed by Frederick the Great as a monument to his military victories. Adorning the platinum-plated pen are green Silesian serpentines and a grey shimmering Russian quartz stone. The pen was hand made by a master of the craft.

What would be your ideal asset to find in a Christmas cracker? 

About the Author:

Adam is a freelance writer that focuses on luxury asset trends for Borro Private Finance.