Luxury Law Enforcement – When Sports Cars Become Cop Cars

Dubai Police - Bugatti | Luxury Police Cars

We’re used to seeing cops on the big screen making use of vehicles that are fast, sexy and luxurious. Whether it’s Don Johnson’s Ferrari Daytona in Miami Vice, Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang in Bullitt or more recently Saga Noren’s Porsche in hit Swedish drama The Bridge (which is well on its way to cult status). The ultimate in law enforcement autos is of course the Batmobile – but as a vigilante Bruce Wayne has a lot more leeway than your typical detective.

Your normal beat cop is driving something a lot more mundane, a lot more sensible and a lot more safe than our favourite fictional police officers. But… that’s not always the case, police forces around the world often find themselves behind the wheel of something that blends luxury, speed and law enforcement – and no we don’t just mean the Porsche 911. Whether it’s for use in high speed pursuits, a gimmick to raise brand awareness for cops and car-makers or just to look cool – here are some of our favourite exotic police cars.

Luxury Police Cars Dubai

Dubai Police - Bugatti | Luxury Police Cars

If Dubai is known for anything it’s not just for wealth but for extremely ostentatious displays of wealth. From the 2,700 feet-high Burj Khalifa to its man-made islands in the shape of palm trees and the world map. This goes as far as the police department which boasts the Bugatti Veyron you see above, as well as a McLaren MP4-12C, two Ferraris, a Mercedes and a Bentley Continental. So if you’re thinking about robbing a bank in Dubai, make sure your getaway is something pretty spectacular when you’re flying down Sheikh Zayed Road. In fact you’ll need a Batmobile…no…you’ll need to be Batman.

Lamborghini Police Car – London, England

Lamborghini Police Car | London Met

Given that the average traffic speed in Central London is a measly nine miles-per-hour, you might be forgiven for wondering why London’s Metropolitan Police would ever need a car with a top speed of 211mph. Surely a blue-and-yellow pair of roller blades and a steep hill would be sufficient. Well, perhaps more to catch the eye than catch criminals the Met has made use of some branded sports cars over the years. The Lamborghini LP640 above was not used in any pursuits, but as part of an auto exhibition. A Lotus Evora was also used by Cornish police to help with community engagement and to “raise road safety awareness”.

Italian Police Sports Cars

Italian Sports Car | Police Cars

Sports cars are as Italian as mozzarella di bufala and Chianti Classico, so no surprise that the Italian Polizia use a supercar like the Lamborghini Gallardo. Earlier this year the now German-owned Lamborghini donated a customized Huracan to be actively used in service. The interior features not only the latest technology you’d find in all sports cars, but equipment designed specifically to help the Italian police record evidence and to film and track pursuits.

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