May 2016 Auction Dates

April Auction Dates

AuctionAuction HouseVerticalDateLocationURL
Modern & Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art & Antiques02/05/2016New YorkN/A
Importante Orfvrerie, Botes En Or Et Objets De VitrineSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques03/05/2016Paris
Le Got FranaisChristiesFine Art & Antiques03/05/2016Paris
Andy Warhol: MarilynChristiesFine Art & Antiques03/05/2016 - 12/05/2016Online
Post-War & Contemporary Art OnlineChristiesFine Art & Antiques03/05/2016 - 13/05/2016Online
19Th Century European PaintingsBonhamsFine Art & Antiques04/05/2016New York
Voyage Rome, Collection Particulire Italienne, Iime PartieSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques04/05/2016Paris
Le Got FranaisChristiesFine Art & Antiques04/05/2016Paris
Jewels OnlineChristiesPrecious Stones05/05/2016 - 12/05/2016OnlineN/A
Picasso CeramicsChristiesFine Art & Antiques06/05/2016 - 17/05/2016OnlineN/A
Art As JewelleryChristiesFine Art & Antiques06/05/2016 - 18/05/2016OnlineN/A
African, Oceanic, And Pre-Columbian ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques07/05/2016New York
Malcolm Volume One: New YorkSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques07/05/2016New York
Netsuke From A European Private CollectionBonhamsFine Art & Antiques08/05/2016London
Bound To FailChristiesFine Art & Antiques08/05/2016New York
20Th Century & Contemporary Art Evening SalePhillipsFine Art & Antiques09/05/2016New YorkN/A
Asian ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques09/05/2016London
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques09/05/2016New York
From Earth To FireSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques10/05/2016London
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques10/05/2016New York
Inspired Themes: A Fine Selection Of Chinese Works Of ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques10/05/2016London
Jewellery & WatchesChristiesJewellery & Watches10/05/2016London
Post-War And Contemporary Art Evening SaleChristiesFine Art & Antiques10/05/2016New York
European ModernismChristiesFine Art & Antiques10/05/2016 - 19/05/2016OnlineN/A
Antique Arms And ArmourBonhamsFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016London
Impressionist And Modern ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016New York
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016London
A Private Jayer CollectionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016London
Contemporary Art Evening AuctionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016New York
Chinese Ceramics, Works Of Art And Textiles Part IChristiesFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016London
The Dani & Anna Ghigo Collection:Part I: South East Asian, Himalayan And Indian Works Of ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016London
Post-War And Contemporary Art Morning SessionChristiesFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016New York
Post-War And Contemporary Art Afternoon SessionChristiesFine Art & Antiques11/05/2016New York
Fine Chinese ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016London
Fine Japanese ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016London
Modern Sporting GunsBonhamsFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016London
Post-War & Contemporary ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016New York
Contemporary Art Day AuctionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016New York
The Dani & Anna Ghigo Collection: Part Ii: Oriental Carpets, European Furniture, Works Of Art & Tapestries, Chinese, Japanese & South East Asian Works Of ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016London
Evolution Of Form: African & Oceanic Art At The Genesis Of ModernismChristiesFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016New York
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleChristiesFine Art & Antiques12/05/2016New York
Chinese Ceramics, Works Of Art And Textiles Part IiChristiesFine Art & Antiques13/05/2016London
Impressionist & Modern Art Works On PaperChristiesFine Art & Antiques13/05/2016New York
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SaleChristiesFine Art & Antiques13/05/2016New York
ComicsHeritageMemorabilia13/05/2016 - 14/05/2016New YorkN/A
PhotographsPhillipsFine Art & Antiques13/05/2016 - 19/05/2016London
Rm MonacoSotheby'sLuxury Vehicles14/05/2016Monaco
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches14/05/2016Geneva
Start-Stop-Reset: 88 Epic Stainless Steel ChronographsPhillipsJewellery & Watches14/05/2016Geneva
Bande DessineSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques14/05/2016Paris
The Geneva Watch Auction: ThreePhillipsJewellery & Watches15/05/2016Geneva
Rare Watches Including Important Private CollectionsChristiesJewellery & Watches16/05/2016Geneva
Watches And Wristwatches Including The Collection Of A European NoblemanBonhamsJewellery & Watches17/05/2016London
Magnificent Jewels And Noble JewelsSotheby'sPrecious Stones17/05/2016Geneva
Fine And Rare WinesChristiesFine Wine17/05/2016Geneva
19Th Century European ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques17/05/2016London
Design: CarpetsChristiesFine Art & Antiques17/05/2016 - 26/05/2016Online
Wine Online/LdnChristiesFine Wine17/05/2016 - 31/05/2016Online
British And European Ceramics And GlassBonhamsFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016London
The Sporting SaleBonhamsFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016Edinburgh
Instruments Of Science, Technology And Mechanical MusicBonhamsFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016London
American ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016New York
19Th Century European ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016New York
American ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016New York
Fine And Rare WinesChristiesFine Wine18/05/2016GenevaN/A
Christie'S InteriorsChristiesFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016London
Geneva Magnificent JewelsChristiesPrecious Stones18/05/2016Geneva
Gold Boxes & SilverChristiesPrecious Metals18/05/2016London
Latin AmericaPhillipsFine Art & Antiques18/05/2016 - 24/05/2016New York
PhotographsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques19/05/2016London
Prints & MultiplesChristiesFine Art & Antiques19/05/2016London
The English Collector:English Furniture, Clocks, European Porcelain, Portrait MiniaturesChristiesFine Art & Antiques19/05/2016London
American ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques19/05/2016New York
Wines From The Cellar Of William I. KochSotheby'sFine Wine19/05/2016 - 21/05/2016New York
Fine & Rare Wine, Cognac And WhiskyBonhamsFine Wine20/05/2016Hong Kong
PhotographsChristiesFine Art & Antiques20/05/2016London
The Aston Martin Works SaleBonhamsFine Art & Antiques21/05/2016Aston
Bande DessineChristiesFine Art & Antiques21/05/2016ParisN/A
Prints, Photographs And Works On PaperBonhamsFine Art & Antiques22/05/2016Hong Kong
DesignSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016Paris
Music, Continental And Russian Books And ManuscriptsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016London
Latin America: Modern Art | Latin America: Contemporary ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016New York
The D. Brent Pogue Collection, Masterpieces Of United States Coinage Part IvSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016New York
Old Masters & 19Th Century Art - (Including Dutch Impressionism)ChristiesFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016Amsterdam
Light Volume And Form: Works From The Shalom Shpilman CollectionChristiesFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016 - 02/06/2016Online
Home & InteriorsBonhamsFine Art & Antiques24/05/2016 - 25/05/2016London
Africa NowBonhamsFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016London
JewelleryBonhamsJewellery & Watches25/05/2016Edinburgh
Fine Maritime Paintings & Decorative ArtsBonhamsFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016New York
19Th And 20Th Century SculptureSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016London
19Th Century European PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016London
The Rarities AuctionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016New York
Two Centuries Of American History: Highly Important Letters And DocumentsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016New YorkN/A
Old Masters & 19Th Century Art - (Including Dutch Impressionism)ChristiesFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016Amsterdam
First Open HomeChristiesFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016Paris
Illuminated Manuscripts From The Collection Of Maurice Burrus (1882-1959)ChristiesFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016London
Shakespeare: The Four FoliosChristiesFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016London
Design Du SoirChristiesFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016Paris
Latin American ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016New York
Arte Moderna E ContemporaneaSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques25/05/2016 - 26/05/2016Milan
TimepiecesHeritageJewellery & Watches26/05/2016New YorkN/A
Fine And Rare WinesBonhamsFine Wine26/05/2016London
Master PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques26/05/2016New York
Impressionist & Modern ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques26/05/2016New York
South Asian Modern + Contemporary ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques26/05/2016LondonN/A
Latin American ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques26/05/2016New York
Arts Of IndiaChristiesFine Art & Antiques26/05/2016London
Modern And Contemporary South Asian ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques27/05/2016London
Finest & Rarest Wines: Direct From Great EstatesChristiesFine Wine27/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Asian 20Th Century & Contemporary Art (Evening Sale)ChristiesFine Art & Antiques28/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Fine & Rare WinesChristiesFine Wine28/05/2016Hong KongN/A
The Hong Kong Watch Auction: TwoPhillipsJewellery & Watches28/05/2016 - 30/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Fine Chinese Paintings And Southeast Asian ArtBonhamsFine Art & Antiques29/05/2016Hong Kong
Asian Contemporary Art (Day Sale)ChristiesFine Art & Antiques29/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Asian 20Th Century Art (Day Sale)ChristiesFine Art & Antiques29/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Chinese Contemporary InkChristiesFine Art & Antiques29/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Fine Classical Chinese PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques30/05/2016Hong Kong
Swiss ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques30/05/2016ZurichN/A
Fine Chinese Classical Paintings & CalligraphyChristiesFine Art & Antiques30/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Important WatchesChristiesJewellery & Watches30/05/2016Hong KongN/A
30 Years: The SaleChristiesFine Art & Antiques30/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Livres Et ManuscritsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques31/05/2016Paris
Schweizer Kunst / Swiss ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques31/05/2016Zurich
Fine Chinese Modern PaintingsChristiesFine Art & Antiques31/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Hong Kong Magnificent JewelsChristiesPrecious Stones31/05/2016Hong KongN/A
Collection Jean-Paul JungoChristiesFine Art & Antiques31/05/2016Paris
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