Modern Classics – Our Top 5

So far in our blog we’ve had a good look at vintage and classic cars, paying specific attention to their value today. Not only have we have proven that not all cars depreciate, but that even everyday cars have the potential to become iconic and appreciate overtime – certain early Minis being a case in point.

But what of modern classics? We’re talking cars around 10-20 years old that have gradually built up classic status. Taking recent sale prices, historical significance and production numbers into account, this week’s blogs sees us delve into our top-5 list of modern classics.

Number 5

  • PORSCHE 964 RS: 1992-94

Let’s be frank, Porsche 911s are classics in their own right. They have an excellent pedigree and are instantly recognisable. But we thought we’d refine the list a little bit to this 90s version, dubbed by Porsche 911 Magazine writer, John Boggiano as his “favourite 911” of all time. A car for 911 lovers then, this model is just one of several variants of the iconic sports car. While they are sold and referred to as ‘911’s, each reinvention of the vehicle is given a different number within the offices of the car manufacturer (e.g. our 964). Although the first 964s (commonly known as Carrera 2 [RWD] and Carrera 4 [AWD]) were first manufactured in 1989, the super-lightweight RS version was unleashed in 1992. Deemed too aggressive for the American market, only 2,282 were produced. That’s just 3.7% of all 964s ever manufactured, making it very rare. Add the fact that it goes like the clappers, this car has since become a classic.

Price today: £70,000+

Number 4

  • BMW E30 M3: 1985-92

In a similar way to the Porsche 911, generally speaking most M3s are classics – even 10-year-old standard versions will fetch over £15,000. However, the first version to pull on petrol-headed heartstrings was the E30 model, introduced back in 1985. This high-performance version of the BMW 3-series has since won accolades such as being named in Automobile Magazine’s “5 greatest drivers cars of all time”. With kudos like that, it’s no wonder the M3 is still in production today.

Price today: circa £20,000. However the limited edition Evo 2 (only 500 made) has been seen to sell in excess of £40,000.

Till tomorrow:

Despite having seen these cars on the road for the last decade and more, we never fail to drop our jaws when we see a mint condition modern classic rolling on by. For those of you who like speed and off-roading, tomorrow’s blog is a must read, where we’ll be unveiling our top 3 modern classic cars.

Until next time, Ed Hallinan and the borro team.

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