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Following on from yesterday’s blog, here are our top 3 classic cars of the modern era. We didn’t intend them to be rally cars, but there have just been so many iconic off-road racers from the last 20 years that it was impossible to rank them anywhere else.

Do you agree? We’d welcome you to join in the debate. In the meantime, have a look for yourself:

Number 3

  • FORD Escort RS Cosworth: 1992-96

There was a time when the very notion of an Escort becoming a classic car would have been laughable. There are that many clapped-out bangers or ridiculously ‘suped-up’ versions to give the car a bad name. However, the original 2 litre Cosworth RS became a tour-de-force of the rally car world, winning 5 events at the 1993 World Rally Car Championship. The king of all boy-racers, EVO Magazine named it “iconic, indomitable, Britain’s Integrale assassin, nemesis of the hot hatchback and, by any reasonable definition of the term, the Real Deal” – now who’s laughing?

Price today: some well-maintained models will go for >£20,000 – not bad for a twenty year old motor.

Number 2

  • LANCIA Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II: 1993-94

Forget the Golf GTI, this is the hot hatchback you need to have. Described by motoring journalist Quentin Willson as having “the road manners and performance to shame a supercar…[it is] quite simply sublime”. The little rocket won the World Rally Championship 5 times between 1987-91 under a number of different guises. However, the crème de la crème has to be the Evo 2: with a 0-100 kmh time of 5.7 seconds, it’s no wonder no other car could touch it. A true modern classic.

Price today: providing you have a full dealer service history, and survive a professional inspection, expect a decent one to set you back £30-40,000+

Number 1

  • Impreza WRX STi “22B”: 1998

Never mind Ferrari red, it’s that unmistakable Subaru blue which makes the top of our modern classics list. The Impreza first arrived on UK shores in 1994, and after a slow burn, soon earned cult status. Its all wheel drive was perfect for wet weather days, it was powerful and it wasn’t particularly expensive. However, it was Colin McRae’s World Rally Championship win with the Impreza 555 that really put the car on the map. There were a number of variants we could have opted for, but we’ve chosen the 22B as our pin-up. Made to commemorate Subaru’s 40th Anniversary, it is reported that only 424 of this 2.2 litre 400bhp monster were made. It’s probably the one and only time you’ll ever long for an STi.

Price today: the problem with Imprezas is their popularity. We Brits loved them – and so the Japanese gave us a whole host of variations. You can expect to pay £20,000 for one of the better good quality, low milage Imprezas. However, certain models, such as the P1 have reached £40,000.


Historical provenance, style and speed have all influenced our list of the top 5 modern classic cars. In terms of value, one must remember that owning one of these does not automatically guarantee a good investment. However, with a sub-100k milage, full service history and limited/no modifications, you could well be onto a vehicle of considerable monetary worth.

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Next Week:

Tune in next Wednesday as we attempt to predict which of today’s cars has the legs to make it as a future classic.

Until next time, Ed Hallinan and the borro team.

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