Predicting the Classics of the Future

Do you remember that scene in Back to the Future where the notorious Biff gets hold of a list of horserace winners from the future? Of course, he went on to win millions of dollars betting on these sureties. Adapting that to the world of cars, wouldn’t it be great if we could look into the future to nail down some surefire classics, cars that are destined for iconic status?

Unfortunately, we all know it’s impossible to guarantee what the future holds, but with our past blogs we think we’ve uncovered enough pointers to give us a fair idea. In this post we’ll be using our automotive crystal ball to unearth the classic cars of tomorrow.

Style Guru

There is just no substitute for style. Whether it’s the jaw-dropping sleek of an E-type Jag or the stubborn angles of the Lancia Delta Integrale (both of which we’ve covered in previous articles), design undoubtedly plays a huge role in defining classic status. With that in mind, could you get any more eye-catching than this beauty?

Cult Hero

Nothing screams desperation like taking an old classic, ‘sup’-ing it up, adding patio doors to its rear end and ripping out its soul in the whole messy process… mentioning no names of course (Mini Clubman). However, when done in the right way, as with the new breed of Fiat 500s, classic cars breathe again with new life. Indeed, the Abarth versions of the little maestro develop the car into somewhat of a lovable, but feisty terrier. The best way to think of it is this: would Mr Austin have approved of the hideous monstrosity that is the Clubman? I think not. However, would Mr Agnelli have given the new 500 the thumbs up? Well, what do you think:

Relevance to Value

As always, these borro blogs aim to your thirst for all things motoring. However, we are a company that look to shed light on the value of cars too. As with any prediction, we can’t guarantee these cars will be excellent investments for the future, but we think they stand a fighting chance.

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Until next time, Ed Hallinan and the borro team.

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