The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition: Borro’s Top Picks

On the 16th June, Borro had the pleasure of attending the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. This is an outstanding event that has been hosted every year since 1769, bringing together art from all media and represents what is happening in the art world right now. We’ve compiled a diverse list of our top picks that each have a unique reason as to why they have earned a lasting effect.


Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

We love the use of pastel colours in this vibrant oil piece by Fiona Rae. Its title is perfectly suitable, with “Many Coloured-Messenger Seeks Her Fortune”. Your eyes can gaze over this piece and always find something novel and a new colour popping out.


Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

A use of just 10 colours and fine lines has gone in to the creation of this wonderfully abstract piece by Yinka Shonibare, entitled ‘Angel’. We’re in love with the use of shapes in this piece, created by interacting lines that focus your eyes on every detail.

Light and Shadows

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

When visiting a gallery, the lighting of the rooms is key. How the light falls upon pieces is carefully considered by gallery owners and we think this consideration has been captured really well with this piece by Stephen Farthing. Its entitled ‘A Museum of Vernal Pleasure’. He represents the way shadows are cast from the glass ceiling perfectly, and it inspires you to turn around and see just how real this is in the gallery you’re standing in.

Use of Words

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

We love how unique this piece is – how often have you heard of film notes being turned into art? Well, Rose Wylie did just this with her piece entitled ‘Julieta’. The artist has cleverly tuned the notes taken from a film into an obscure story board that you can’t help but try and figure out.


Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

The boldness of the moon against the night sky is enough to catch anyone’s eye. Jock McFadyen has captured the effect and created this beautiful oil piece entitled ‘Calton Hill’. Despite being a night-time scene, this piece is enough to brighten up any wall.


Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

Big, bold and beautiful – Bob and Roberta Smith have created this attention-seeking piece that seems to make your mind wonder. What does the statement mean? Is it true? You’ll soon find yourself taking part in an internal debate after a short glance at this striking piece, entitled ‘Art Makes Children Powerful’.

So, there are our top picks from the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. It was great to see an exhibition that was so accepting of many mediums and genres. What was your favourite piece? Let us know by tweeting us @borrobuzz

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