Salon QP Exhibition 2017

Unbeknown to most, the abbreviation QP comes from Quantiéme Perpétuel, translated from French as ‘perpetual calendar’. The magazine is an extremely well-respected publication in the horological world, published quarterly covering watch design, history, collecting, auctions and more. With such a prestigious reputation, it seems only right that QP host a watch event fit for purpose.
Salon QP
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Salon QP exhibition entered its ninth-year between the 2nd and 4th of November, returning to the Saatchi Gallery armed with some of the world’s finest and most desired timepieces on display. The exhibition had added ‘bonuses’ too, with featured fine art prints, a rare 1955 Porsche Pre A Speedster on display, and regular wine-tasting throughout the days.

Salon QP
1955 Porsche Pre A Speedster. Image Source: Author’s Own

As for the watches, they intricately combine mainstream with independent, prompting Salon QP to describe their featured collection as ‘unique watch brands from independent artisans to global mega-brands showcasing their most desired timepieces’.

The exhibition started with a swanky Thursday night black tie reception. Watch viewing and wine tasting exhibitions took place on the following two days. The event was highly interactive, with chances to meet and talk with the prestigious watchmakers such as A.Lange & Sohne and Abarth. Salon QP utilised every inch of the grand building, filling six different rooms with watchmakers presenting their most prized and unique timepieces.


Salon QP
Astronomia Tourbillon. Image Source: Jacob & Co.

This was Friday’s headline exhibition that had patrons queuing out of the door to get a glimpse at some of the astrologically based watches. Salon QP tipped the exhibition as a ‘chance to delve into our desire to charter the heavens’. The display room was immersive, with a starry sky creating a cosmos feel, enhancing the viewing experience of an already stunningly intricate timepiece display.

Although the Van Cleef Midnight Planétarium was an impressive spectacle, the highlight had to be the highly coveted Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon. The watch is simply breath-taking to behold up close, featuring 19K white gold and sapphire apertures on the sides, the watch was described by Jacob & Co as ‘a poetic visual rendering of the celestial world with every element in constant, visible motion’.

Salon QP
Blue Crafts Instillation. Image Source: Salon QP

This was no ordinary watch exhibition, as according to Salon QP, spectral coordinates of blue light can be found within the installation. This consequently allows the blue to be in transition, constantly revealing different blue sensations, with each person to enter the exhibition affecting the tone of the blue light. An interesting phenomenon to behold.

As for the blue dial watches themselves, they were everything you can expect from A. Lange & Sohne. Smart and stylish with the added effect of a rich blue that contrasted elegantly with the 18K white gold case; this was certainly a favourite amongst the watch enthusiasts in attendance.

Salon QP
Chopard Through the Years. Image Source: Author’s Own

An epic journey through sporting history, the exhibition featured a collection of luxury Chopard sports watches ranging from 1988 right through to 2017. From the Chopard co-president Karl-Friedich Scheufele participating in the world renowned classic rally to creating a Mille Miglia Collection this year featuring three new chronograph models; Chopard and Mille Miglia have a well-documented association that has been ever present as years have gone by.

The luxury watch brand dedicated their display of 29 years of elegance and technical accomplishments to Mille Migalle, a partnership that further emphasises the strong relationship formed between car racing and watches throughout history.

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