How Do I Sell My Ferrari?

How to Sell My Ferrari?

How Do I Sell My Ferrari?

Selling a Ferrari is not like selling a typical used car, they are some of the most expensive and aspirational cars on the planet and if you have had the pleasure of owning one, you’ll understand why. Below is some information on models, prices, the options you have when selling and a little bit of history that shows what makes Ferraris so special


Ferrari has five different models currently in production, the California, the 458 Italia, the FF, the 458 Spider and the most recent addition, the F12Berlinetta. Previous models currently popular on the used market are the 430 Coupe, the 599 and the 430 Spider. 1950s and 60s models are some of the most valuable cars of any brand particularly the 250 GTO.


Cost varies considerably depending on age and model, but the selling prices below will give you an idea of how much a good condition non-vintage/non-collectable Ferrari can fetch.

F430 Coupe – £60,000 – £90,000

599 – £75,000 – £130,000

California – £95,000 – £170,000

FF – £160,000 -£200,000

Testarossa – £40,000 – £70,000

1987 F40 – £300,000 £325,000

Collectable or vintage Ferraris can fetch millions. The 2002 Enzo, of which only 400 were ever made can fetch over £1million. 1960 250 GTOs cost in the tens of millions and their illustrious list of owners include names such as Ralph Lauren, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and Walmart heir Rob Walton.

Selling options

There are a range of specialised Ferrari dealers who have the cash and expertise to buy your car, but given how sought after Ferraris are you’ll find a private sale could get you just as much or even more cash without involving a middle man.

There are a range of websites and forums for luxury and classic car collectors, where you can not only advertise your car but get tips and advice from other Ferrari owners.

Considering that the value of vintage Ferraris rose 55% in 2012-13 alone holding on to your car may be the wisest move. If you still need to improve your cash flow, an asset loan might be a better option than selling off a car that could double in value over the next 5-10 years.

Ferrari Facts

  • Ferrari launched their first road car in 1947 after two decades of success in motor racing.
  • Enzo Ferrari was reluctant to launch road cars as his first love was motor racing, but ironically Ferrari’s success on the track is what helped make their cars so prestigious.
  • The famous Ferrari logo was inspired partly by Francesco Baracca, a WWII Italian fighter pilot who would paint a black horse on the side of his plane. The yellow background represents Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari.
  • The world’s most expensive car is currently a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO that was sold privately in 2013 for $52million.
  • The most sought after Ferrari models have risen in value at around 15% a year since the 1980s.
  • Hassanal Bolkiah, the reigning Sultan of Brunei owns the world’s largest and most expensive private car collection which includes 452 Ferraris.
  • Ferrari are the most successful Formula 1 constructor in history, building engines for 15 championship winning cars.


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