Six Nations of Luxury Assets 2018

The highly competitive, highly anticipated Six Nations Tournament is back!

In line with our annual tradition, Borro Blog have devised a list of lucrative, intriguing luxury assets that belong to each respective nation. See if you are familiar with your home country’s prized asset.


1956 Aston Martin DBR1

Six Nations of Luxury Assets - 1956 Aston Martin DBR1

Given the prestige surrounding British automotive manufacturing, it takes one hell of a car to set a world record for the highest price paid for a British automobile. The DBR1 took the record price in the summer just gone at RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction. The car had unrivalled exclusivity, being one of only five DBR1s to be manufactured and a star-studded racing career contributed to a price tag of $22.5 million (£16,213,000) in August 2016.


Chateau Latife 1787

Six Nations of Luxury Assets - Chateau Latife 1787

With some of the most expensive bottles of wine on the planet coming from the famous French vineyards, it is of course wine that lands on our Six Nations of luxury assets list. This particular vintage is the most expensive price ever paid for a standard bottle of wine by publishing tycoon Malcom Forbes, who paid $156,450 (£113,000) in 1985. This was not a surprisingly high price, due to the wine’s age and the fact that this vintage is believed to be from Thomas Jefferson’s (an avid collector of wine) cellar.


Macallan ‘M’ Whisky

Six Nations of Luxury Assets - Macallan ‘M’ Whisky

This bottle of whiskey surpassed any other at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong in early July, where it fetched a staggering $628,205 (£452,700) in early January 2014. So, why would someone pay that much? Essentially, the rarity is the biggest contributing factor, with the bottle alone taking 17 craftsmen 50 hours to complete. Or it could be the fact that Scottish distillery, Macallan spent two years choosing seven casks out of nearly 200,000 for the perfect bottle, with each cask ranging in age from 25-75 years old.


1954 Ferrari 500 Mondail Series 1

Six Nations of Luxury Assets - '1954 Ferrari 500 Mondail Series 1'

Although this is, by no means the most expensive Ferrari ever sold, it was recently sold at Gooding & Co.’s highly coveted Arizona auction January 2018. The sale further highlights the illustrious value of one of Italy’s largest and most prestigious brands, Ferrari. The almost toy like Mondial sold for a cool $4,455,000 (£3,210,000). Being one of only 14 Pinin Farina-Bodied Mondial Spiders, it is easy to see why collectors were willing to bid so much for this classic.


The Cello Player – Sir John Lavery

Six Nations of Luxury Assets - The Cello Player – Sir John Lavery

Iconic Irish painter, Sir John Lavery’s ‘Detail of the Cello Player’ sold for four times its estimate of £20-30,000 in 2016 and came in at top of the lot. It fetched £112,500 at Sotheby’s sale of Irish Art in London. Lavery died in 1941 and was best known for his portraits and wartime depictions.


Clogau Mined Gold

Six Nations of Luxury Assets - Clogau Mined Gold

This was an interesting one, as gold usually has a stable price associated with it that doesn’t tend to drift too far away from the estimated price. However, this Welsh gold, mined in Clogau under government lease between 1979 and 1981 was expected to fetch about £9,000, but instead went on to sell for £44,000. The auctioneer was reportedly told by experts that Welsh gold was ‘visibly discernible’ from other types. This is potentially a reason why members of the royal family have been known to have Welsh gold in their wedding rings in years gone by.


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