Sotheby’s Dominates the May 2018 Auction Calendar

As the title suggests, Sotheby’s are featured in all three of Borro Blog’s May 2018 auction calendar highlights.

All the major asset classes are covered, with RM Sotheby’s heading to Monaco for their annual sale of blockbuster cars. This is followed by an Important Watches sale and an Impressionist & Modern Art Day sale.

RM Sotheby’s – Monaco 2018

May 12th

May 2018 Auction Calendar - 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione ‘Tour de France’

Monaco, the home of formula one racing, style and high-living will once again see large scale auction houses and classic car punters flood the city for ludicrously priced automobiles, coinciding with the iconic Monaco Grand Prix.

The top lot from RM Sotheby’s last Monaco auction in 2016 was the 1951 Ferrari 340, which sold for a hot €7,280,000 (£6,366,000). RM Sotheby’s will want to emulate 2016’s success with the 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione ‘Tour de France’ as the featured lot, hoping to fetch up to €9 million (£7,870,000).

Sotheby’s – Important Watches

May 13th

May 2018 Auction Calendar - Rolex Chronograph

Sotheby’s are tipping this auction to be a focus on ‘the very best of what vintage and modern horology has to offer’. The Important Watches auctions always live up to expectations, and this auction certainly won’t fall short.

Number 276 is the standout lot to watch; the exceptionally rare, stainless steel Rolex Chronograph. It comes complete with registers, bracelets and tropical subsidiary dials and is set to go for up to £400,000 when it goes under the hammer.

Sotheby’s – Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale

 May 15th

May 2018 Auction Calendar - Téte De Femme

Sotheby’s are returning to New York for their highly popular Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale. A host of highly renowned and influential artists such as Max Ernst, Marc Chagall and Francis Picabia are on offer.

However, it is Pablo Picasso who is stealing the limelight once again. Painted on December 5th 1964, the oil based ‘Téte De Femme’ was inspired by Picasso’s sixth and final significant muse, Jacqueline Roque. The work is set to sell for up to $3 million (£2,149,000) on May 15th.


See the full list of dates for the May 2018 auction calendar below:


AuctionAuction HouseCategoryStart DateLocationURL
Prints and MultiplesBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/01/18London, Knightsbridge
From Earth to FireSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/01/18London
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: Online SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/01/18Online
Fine Glass and British CeramicsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/02/18London, New Bond Street
Old Master PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/02/18London
Audrey Hepburn:The Personal Collection Part IIIChristie'sMemorabillia05/02/18Online
Einstein and Family: Letters and PortraitsChristie'sMemorabillia05/02/18Online
CollectionsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/03/18London
Bande Dessinée & IllustrationChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/03/18Paris Paris
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: 19th and 20th Century Art, Evening SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/08/18New York
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: English & European Furniture, Ceramics and Decorations, Part IChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/09/18New York
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: Art of the Americas, Evening SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/09/18New York
RM Sotheby's: Auburn SpringRM Sotheby'sLuxury cars05/10/18Auburn
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: Fine Art, Day SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/18New York
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: English & European Furniture, Ceramics and Decorations, Part IIChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/18New York
The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller: Travel and AmericanaChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/18New York
Picasso Ceramics OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/18Online
Modern Edition OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/18Online
The Monaco Sale 'Les Grandes Marques à Monaco'BonhamsLuxury Cars05/11/18Monte Carlo
RM Sotheby's: MonacoRM Sotheby'sLuxury cars05/12/18Monte Carlo
The Geneva Watch Auction: SevenPhillipsJewellery & Watches05/12/18Geneva
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches05/13/18Geneva
The Shape of Beauty: Sculpture from the Collection of Howard and Saretta BarnetSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/14/18New York
Art of Africa, Oceania, and the AmericasSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/14/18New York
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/14/18New York
Rare WatchesChristie'sJewellery & Watches05/14/18Geneva
Magnificent Jewels and Noble JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & Watches05/15/18Geneva
Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History Including the Library of Colin and Joan DeaconSotheby'sMemorabillia05/15/18London
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/15/18New York
Impressionist and Modern Art Evening SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/15/18New York
Rarity and Refinement: Treasures from a Distinguished East Asian CollectionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/15/18London
Chinese Ceramics & Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/15/18London
LaliqueChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/15/18London
Fine and Rare WinesChristie'sFine Wine05/15/18Geneva
American Art OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/15/18Online
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/16/18London
The Masterpiece CollectionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/16/18London
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine05/16/18London
Raising The Bar: Masterworks from the Collection of Morton and Barbara MandelSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/16/18New York
Contemporary Art Evening AuctionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/16/18New York
Impressionist and Modern Art Works on PaperChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/16/18New York
Impressionist and Modern Art Day SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/16/18New York
Magnificent JewelsChristie'sJewellery & Watches05/16/18Geneva
Contemporary Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/17/18New York
PhotographsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/17/18London
Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/17/18New York
African & Oceanic ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/17/18New York
A Sale of Ferrari in association withFerrari Owners' Club GBSilverstoneLuxury Cars05/18/18Silverstone Circuit
Fine & Rare Wine and WhiskyBonhamsFine Wine05/18/18Hong Kong, Admiralty
St George Street Sale: Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/18/18London
Photographs OnlineSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/18/18Online
Post-War and Contemporary Art Morning SessionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/18/18London
Post-War and Contemporary Art Afternoon SessionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/18/18New York
May Sale 2018SilverstoneLuxury Cars05/19/18Silverstone Circuit
Brooklands Motor Museum 19th May 2018 SaleHistoricsLuxury Cars05/19/18Brooklands Motor Museum
Finest & Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine05/19/18New York
Historic Coins and Medals | Featuring Magnificent Morgan Silver Dollars from the Collection of Ralph and Lois StoneSotheby'sCoins05/21/18New York
Exquisite Eye: Chinese Paintings OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/21/18New York
The Sporting SaleBonhamsMemorabillia05/22/18Edinburgh
Watches and WristwatchesBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/22/18London, Knightsbridge
Fine Autograph Music: the Property of Helmut Nanz and FamilySotheby'sMemorabillia05/22/18London
Musical ManuscriptsSotheby'sMemorabillia05/22/18London
Master PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18New York
European ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18New York
American ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18Online
DesignChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18New York
Contemporary Art Asia: New York EditionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18New York
Contemporary Art Asia: Hong Kong EditionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18Hong Kong
Stephen Shore: Vintage PhotographsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/22/18Online
JewelryBonhamsJewellery & Watches05/23/18London, New Bond Street
Antique Arms and ArmorBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/23/18London, Knightsbridge
American ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/23/18New York
Thomas Molesworth: Designing the American West | The Ruth and Jake Bloom CollectionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/23/18New York
Latin American ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/23/18Online
The Collector: European Furniture, Works of Art & CeramicsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/23/18New York
The Collector: English Furniture, Clocks & Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/23/18London
Modern Sporting Guns, Rifles & Vintage FirearmsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/24/18London, New Bond Street
Fine and Rare WinesBonhamsFine Wine05/24/18 London, New Bond Street
Modern Sporting Guns, Rifles & Vintage FirearmsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/24/18
London, Knightsbridge
19th Century European PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/24/18London
Livres et ManuscritsSotheby'sMemorabillia05/24/18Paris
Important DesignSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/24/18New York
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches05/24/18New York
The Collector: Silver &19th Century Furniture, Sculpture & Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/24/18London
Christie's Watches OnlineChristie'sJewellery & Watches05/24/18London
Fine & Rare Wines: Direct from the Cellars of the Historic Comte Georges de VogüéChristie'sFine Wine05/25/18Online
Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art (Evening Sale)Christie'sFine Art and Antiques05/26/18Hong Kong
Fine & Rare Wines Featuring Wines Direct from Masseto and a Guinaudeau Family Collection of Château Lafleur and Estate WinesChristie'sFine Wine05/26/18Hong Kong
Rare Jewels & JadeiteBonhamsJewellery & Watches05/27/18
Hong Kong, Admiralty
Asian 20th Century Art (Day Sale)Christie'sFine Art and Antiques05/27/18Hong Kong
Chinese Contemporary InkChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/28/18Hong Kong
Fine Chinese Classical Paintings and CalligraphyChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/28/18Hong Kong
Important Watches and Private CollectionsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/28/18Hong Kong
Fine Chinese Modern PaintingsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/29/18Hong Kong
Hong Kong Magnificent JewelsChristie'sJewellery & Watches05/29/18Hong Kong
Livres rares et ManuscritsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/29/18Hong Kong
Handbags OnlineChristie'sHandbags05/29/18Paris Paris
Wassenaar ZooBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/30/18
London, New Bond Street
Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/30/18Online
Handbags & AccessoriesChristie'sHandbags05/30/18Hong Kong
Contemplating The DivineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/30/18Hong Kong
Leisurely Delights of a Transient LifeChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/30/18Hong Kong
Celestial Immortals - The Taber Family Tianqiuping from Philbrook Museum of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/30/18Hong Kong
The Three Rarities - Imperial Qianlong Ceramics From An Important Private CollectionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/30/18Hong Kong
The Nitta MaitreyaChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/30/18Hong Kong
Scholarly Art from the Collection of Mr and Mrs Gerard HawthornSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/31/18Hong Kong
Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/31/18Hong Kong


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