Space Watches – Timepieces that are out of this World

From a watch with the face of the milky way to a planetarium that doubles as a watch stand for timepieces containing meteorite, these space watches offer asset owners a mechanical marvel. A unique luxury timepiece often draws an asset seekers attention for future profit and what could be more unique in the weird and wonderful world of horology than a watch that can tell you the placement of the planets in our solar system?

The Midnight Planétarium

Have you ever wanted a watch that shows you the current placement of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in our solar system? Me neither, but you may change your mind after taking a look at the Midnight Planétarium. The watch’s mystical aura is translated through the precious gemstones that represent the 6 planets, all of which rotate in real time. This means it will take the suglite Saturn stone 29 years to complete a full rotation of the central pink gold Sun orb and 365 days for the turquoise Earth stone to do the same (1). The watch is the most complicated time piece produced by Van Cleef & Arpels, with a total of 396 parts making up the watch’s mechanical movement (1). The price for beauty can be steep and this watch is no exception, with a price tag of £185,800. A diamond version is also available for the sum of £247,700.

The Tourbillon Meteoris Collection

When it comes to space watches inspired by the cosmos, Tourbillon take the title for variation. The 4 watches in the Tourbillon Meteoris collection all contain a small piece of out of space. With each of the individual watches containing components from different forms of space rock made up from materials from Mars, Mercury, the Iqity asteroid and the moon the value of the collection cannot be denied (2). The technical marvel of the Tourbillon planetarium allows the owner of the extra-terrestrial Meteoris collection to showcase their timepieces as part of the galaxy. The collection’s total amount comes to $4.9 million.

The Blu Galaxy

One of the more elegant space watches to feature in this list. With a watch face that shines like the stars of the Milky Way, the blu Galaxy seems aptly named. Copper particles locked into the watch’s Aventurine glass provide the night sky effect that puts stars in your eyes. The Aventurine glass was discovered as a result of clumsy spillage, when a Murano glass maker accidentally dropped copper shavings into molten glass in the 17th century (3). 3 rotating disks that indicate the hours, minutes and seconds are used to tell the time, through the position of the 6 VVS1 diamonds inset on each disk.

The Cyrus Klepcys Watch

The Mars themed timepiece, named after an ancient Babylonian conqueror, features a 3D Mars phase indicator that spins on its axis in coordination with the Martian day cycle of 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds (4). The base of the watch is engraved with an 18 karat red gold coin that portrays Cyrus the Great flying to Mars on a Winged Horse. It’s an image founded on the notion that Cyrus the Great once had, of one day conquering the heavens after he forged the Babylonian Empire. As well as featuring an image of a conqueror, the watch portrays the optical illusion discovered on the planet’s surface, designated ‘the face of the Mars’. You can currently acquire this unique asset for the sum of 150,000 Swiss francs (4).

Strela Chronograph

This watch may lack the cosmic appeal of the other unique assets featured on this list, but what it lacks in design imagination it makes up for in historical achievement. The Russians may have lost the space race to the moon in the 1960s, but they did achieve the remarkable feat of getting the first human up among the stars. In June 1965 Alexi Leonov left the safety of his spacecraft attached to a 5 metre long tether and became the first astronaut to walk in space, wearing the Strela Chronograph (5). Originally used by Russian Pilots, it was used by Russian astronauts for 20 years.

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