Is a Tag Heuer watch a good investment?

Are Tag Heuer watches good?

Tag Heuer are a Swiss watch brand that has built itself up from being the racing man’s watch to being that of a luxury watch brand that caters to all that ‘don’t crack under pressure’. It is a brand that has won itself the IF (International Forum) design award in the lifestyle / leisure category twice (2006 – 2007) and in partnership with Breitling and Hamilton, produced the first automatic chronograph.

Despite this, the brand has been often categorised as part of the lesser band of luxury watches, due to its lack of complicated movements and focus on style and image. While its watches may not be as complex as other luxury watch brands, Tag Heuer have produced some remarkable pieces of horology such as the Carrera Mikrogirder 10000; a watch capable of telling time to 5/10,000th of a second and currently worth above £100,000. As a brand, they have been outlined as the ‘official timekeepers of the Olympics games’ since 1920.

Ultimately, to judge whether or not Tag Heuer is ‘good’ is somewhat subjective, so we will leave that decision to you. However, in comparison to the quality of other luxury watch brands, such as the iconic Rolex and Patek Philippe, it seems to fall short.

Ever since Steve McQueen took his Tag Heuer Monaco for a spin in Le Mans (1971), the brand has gained the attention of watch lovers, racing fanatics and all those in between. Tag Heuer know this. With the success it brought them in mind, they have since sought out others who they determine ‘don’t crack under pressure’. Others such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova are just a couple of the latest famous faces that have helped to drive Tag Heuer’s celebrity fueled marketing campaign.

A Tag Heuer watch as an Investment

Tag Heuer Carrera Investment

A common question that arises when people shop for luxury wristwatches is ‘Does the watch hold its value?’. It has been outlined that the true value of a watch that will carry it through the test of time is its level of appreciation. What determines a watch’s appreciation ranges from the cases material, to the brand of the watch. Other factors can be as minor as someone’s signature on the watch, to the model being one of a kind, like the limited edition Jack Heuer 80 Carrera which retails for an estimated £4000 – £5000 and only 3000 pieces have been produced. It can be argued that appreciation for Tag Heuer watches, such as the Carrera and the Monaco, stem’s from the image that the timepieces have been dressed up in.

Despite Tag Heuer’s lack of complications in its watches, the watch brand has defined itself as expensive, desirable and luxurious. Its ties with racing were the basis of its image, building popularity among amateur and professional racers through the 1950s to the 1970s. It was during this time that Tag Heuers most iconic watches the Carrera and Monaco models where produced. Despite the star imagery attached to the Monaco model, the Carrera model is most definitively Tag Heuer’s star player.

Named after the Pan-American Mexican road race, the Tag Heuer Carrera has been proclaimed to be one of the most famous sports watches in the world. It was the first chronograph to feature a functional dial design. With the value of having a historical footnote in horology attached to it, it raises the question is the Tag Heuer Carrera a good investment? The history of a watch can add tremendous value to it and the Carrera is no exception. Due to it being the first automatic chronograph with a micro rotor, it would be hard to argue that this does not add to the models value, however, the watch is not a rare piece of horology.

Tag Heuer as an investment

When it comes to watch investment the prospects of a healthy return are always unlikely as the expertise it requires to choose the right piece is incredibly rare. It would take a wealth of knowledge of the luxury watch market and a lot of experience in investing to out rightly make such a claim, but it has been said before that there is only one watch brand that it most likely to hold its value or even increase in value; Patek Philippe. When investing in luxury assets always put the enjoyment you get from them ahead of any chance that your investment will sky-rocket, that goes for Tag Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe or any other prestigious brand.

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