The borro Watch Guide: Introducing Our Exciting New Blog

As of today, borro have launched a brand-new watch blog to be released every Wednesday & Thursday for the next few weeks. Feedback from our previous blogs pointed us to you, our readers, wanting specific information and advice on watches, and we are excited to provide these new posts in response.

What can I expect from the Watch Blog?

There are some great resources out there which discuss timepieces in great detail. The difficulty is finding them and putting together all that knowledge coherently in one place. Our weekly blogs aim to cover everything you ever wanted to know, in a succinct fashion designed to formulate a broad guide to the world of horology.

Who is the Blog Aimed at?

From topics including the latest hi-tech developments in timepiece technology, as well as in-depth information on the leading watch brands and manufacturers, our comprehensive guide should be accessible enough for newcomers while still offering unique and interesting content for watch aficionados alike.

Let’s Be Interactive!

As with any blog, it’s always great to hear from our audience. Not only does it help us make our content appropriate to what interests you, but we like answering any questions you may have: in short, the more interactive we can make it the better! Perhaps there is something in particular you have always wanted to know about watches – How are they valued? Why are Swiss watches so well-respected? How does the functionality of carriage clocks & pocket-watches compare to wristwatches?

We’ll be covering all these topics in our Watch Guide but if you’d like to add a topic, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to incorporate it.

Other Blogs

With your feedback and suggestions taken on board as this blog develops, we will be gathering information for a final feature-length piece. We intend this to summarise all the main topics we have discussed so far, but will also include other insightful content, perhaps including interviews with watchmakers and valuers from leading auction-houses.

Till next time

We really hope you’ll join us with our weekly watch whimsies and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. The first installment will feature an introduction to the mechanics of watches including all the various elaborate complications available, such as astronomical moon phase measurements and sidereal time. But just what is sidereal time?…

Until next time…

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