Top 10 Most Expensive Properties Outside of the UK

The UK property market is regular topic and one that Borro pays close attention to as a provider of loans secured by property and luxury assets. We decided to broaden our scope and take a look at the most expensive properties in the international market.

  1. Colorado – £14.2 million

most expensive properties

Kick-starting our list is this plot of 1278 acres has the Elk River flowing through it, allowing 2 miles worth of fishing right. There are 3 bedrooms in the main houses, but the guest cabins provide 12 more.

Sphere Estates

9. Connecticut, USA – £18 million

most expensive properties

This beautiful Tudor-style mansion comes with 128 acres of land. It has 2 guest cottages, 11 bedrooms, 11 stalls in the equestrian barn to compliment the riding tracks. It’s also less than 20 minutes to New York by air, and comes with its very own helipad. That may be why this wonderful property is worth £18 million.

Halstead Property

8. Montreux, Switzerland – £19 million

most expensive properties

This property is a 19th century villa by Lake Geneva. There’s a grand entrance hall followed by 3 spiral staircases for 3 floors. It is home to 6 bedrooms and 6 office spaces and is worth a lovely £19 million.


7. New York, USA – £21 million

most expensive properties

Based in Manhattan, this 3-floor penthouse has 5 bedrooms and large entertainment areas. There’s a large rooftop area with seating and a Jacuzzi, overlooking the city. This New York apartment is 8th on our list at £21 million.

Halstead Property

6. Florida, USA – £22 million

most expensive properties

This property is just one of 32 homes located on the little Island of Indian Creek. The island is all about exclusivity: from an exclusive golf course to an exclusive police force. The chateau boasts 7 bedrooms over the space of 2 acres, costing around £22 million.

ewm Realty International

5. Mallorca, Spain- £41m

most expensive properties

This property was designed to meet the needs of a buyer looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Its hilltop location allows for enjoying a breath-taking view of the greenery and lake along with a myriad of activities. It features an indoor and outdoor pool, wine cellar and media room. This majestic villa is also primed for entertaining with 8 bedrooms for guests who are sure to want to make an extended visit.

Mollorca Sothebys Realty

4. Marrakech, Morocco – £45.9 million

most expensive properties

There’s a reason why the detailing to this apartment is so elegant – it took 3 years and 2,000 craftsmen to complete. It goes by the name ‘The House Under the Palms’ and has 8 bedrooms, and even its own reception area. The gardens play a large role in the beauty of this house, with wonderful flower displays, pools, water features and let’s not forget the forest of palms. That might explain why this stunning property is going for £45.9 million.

Aylesford International

3. New York, USA – £57 million

most expensive properties

This apartment is designed for city-lovers who have a love for luxury. It is located in what will be the tallest residential skyscraper in the western hemisphere. Half of these apartments have been sold and the building is not even complete yet. This apartment will still cost buyers £57 million.

432 Park Avenue

2. Switzerland – £58 million

most expensive properties

This penthouse apartment is not any old penthouse – it’s the largest one on the Swiss market. Located on Mont Pelerin, the apartment features incredible views 365 days a year, and will only set a prospective buyer back £58 million.

Gateway Real Estate Group

  1. Beverly Hills, California – £68 million

most expensive properties

Located in one of the most iconic areas of luxury, this beautiful house boasts one of the longest private driveways in Beverly Hills. It looks like something out of a movie – because it is. Scenes from The Bodyguard and the Godfather were filmed here. There is plenty of room for guests, as this mansion holds 29 bedrooms and 40 bathrooms. The luxury continues to the exterior, with an outdoor dining area with enough seating for 400 people. This property is set to sell for £68 million, placing it at the top of our list.

Hilton & Hyland

So there we have it, the top 10 most expensive list of international properties for sale right now, and what a diverse list it is. From villas to mansions to sky-scraper apartments, it seems that the luxury property market is catering for everyone at the minute.

Image Source: The Telegraph

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