Top 5 Most Expensive Chanel Handbags Sold by Christie’s

Chanel is a French luxury fashion company that was formed in 1909. The Chanel handbag is one of the must-own accessories for the elite, and you can often see the brand being sported by models and celebrities. Borro has compiled a list of the top Chanel bags sold at auction by Christie’s.

Black and Gold Alligator Doubleflap Handbag – £14,600

Most Expensive Chanel Handbags - Black and Gold Alligator
Source: Christie’s

This elegant looking 2014 black & gold alligator classic medium double flap bag with antiqued gold hardware fetched 150,000HKD (£14,600) at a Christie’s ‘Handbags & Accessories’ auction in November 2016.

Turquoise Chanel Handbag – £ 15,600

Most Expensive Chanel Handbags - Turquoise
Image Source: Christie’s

This turquoise alligator handbag was sold at auction in 2016 By Christie’s in Paris. The stunning accessory sold for £15,600.

Lime Green Crocodile Classic Double Flap Bag – £15,805

Most Expensive Chanel Handbags - Turquoise.jpg
Source: Christie’s

This rare lime crocodile green classic double flag handbag originally retailed in 2011. Made from crocodylus porosus the bag comes with goldtone metal hardware with a dustbag. The item sold at online auction for £15,805.

Blue Chanel Handbag 2010 – £16,500

Most Expensive Chanel Handbags - Blue
Image Source: Christie’s

This beautiful blue alligator handbag was sold at auction by Christie’s in 2016. The auction took place in Paris and the bag sold for £16,500.

Black Chanel Handbag 2014 – £22,300

Most Expensive Chanel Handbags - Black
Image Source: Christie’s

An exceptional Enamel Jewelled Medium Classic Double Flap Bag with Enamel and Gold Hardware was sold at auction by Christie’s in 2015. The auction took place in Hong Kong where the bag sold for £22,300.

That concludes our list of the top 5 most expensive Chanel bags sold at auction. Let us know your favourite by tweeting us at @borrobuzz

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