UK Wine Guide Update

It’s been over a week since we launched the Wine Lover’s Guide to the UK and a lot of the feedback has been gratefully received and very flattering. Many people have especially enjoyed the look of the map describing it as both “handsome” and “beautiful” which greatly pleased the designer of the guide! It’s also been shared on many blogs and Twitter accounts outside of the UK, which has hopefully opened the eyes of many international wine lovers to UK wine when they think about exploring new regions.

Obviously in designing the map we wanted to make something that was visually appealing and this meant balancing the amount of information that was included with keeping the infographic clear to read and useful as an actual map. Therefore, nine of the included vineyards, the largest or most prolific award winners, are more prominent on the map than others, but of course every vineyard featured in the guide is award-winning and a producer of fantastic wine.

A quick mention for a couple of producers who have been in touch; Coates & Seely, a Hampshire based company that is responsible for a wonderful range of sparkling wines are identified as Wooldings on our guide which is the name of one of their vineyards rather than their brand name. You can find out more about them and the history of The Wooldings on their website. Another is Bolney Wine Estate in Sussex, a multiple time IWSC trophy winner that was not included in the guide, who have information on tours and tastings on their website.

We’d like to thank Liz at Wine Travel Stories for her blog post on the infographic, UKVine for including us in their great newsletter, Mumbles Fine Wine and Davenport Vineyards for their feedback and all of our fantastic new Twitter followers.

Joe and Elin.

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