We’re in the News: “Investing in fine art and jewellery”

Borro Private Finance was recently featured in an article published by The Telegraph focused on the investment value of jewelry and fine art, learn more below

Fine art and jewellery is a popular asset class in a diverse portfolio of investments as a potential hedge against inflation and market volatility

The unique and rare beauty of fine art is what lends to its intrinsic value and a luxury market-leading 12-month value appreciation of 21 per cent*.

In select cases, the value of a piece of art or a collection is shaped by esoteric factors and trends, and follows a value trajectory independent from, and potentially surpassing, the larger economy when compared to the world markets and other benchmarks. This cements art’s value as a potential hedge against inflation and market volatility.

Thus, the cultivation of a collection presents a reasonable opportunity for the diversification of one’s overall investment portfolio.

It is worth remembering, however, that art is a relatively illiquid asset class with high transaction costs, making collateralised lending an attractive option for investors seeking alternative means of quickly monetising their collection without liquidation.

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Dylan Breger
About the Author:

Dylan is the Associate Marketing Manager at Borro Private Finance and covers the trends of all luxury asset classes