What Watch does James Bond Wear?

The watch worn by the iconic British spy of his Majesty’s secret service, is one that has seen a shift of emphasis, from gadgetry to style. It is also one which has seen a shift from Rolex to Omega. After the exchanging of the crown for the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega released a limited edition James Bond watch, which saw a 20 fold sales increase after they first introduced to the public when Daniel Craig first took up the role. Since then, Omega has been capitalizing on the demand of 007 fans through the releases of James Bond limited-edition watches. But what watch does James Bond wear currently?

When Pierce Brosnan took up the code name 007 he put down the Rolex and strapped on an Omega. Since then, the Omega Seamaster has been the watch of choice for her majesty’s dark knight. The watch worn by James Bond in Casino Royale is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Daniel Craig’s rendition of the worldwide renowned spy is then seen to be wearing the Omega Seamaster 600m in both Quantum of Solace and Skyfall (2013). In the upcoming James Bond feature Spectre (2015), it can be expected that we will see the return of the Seamaster or perhaps be surprised by a different Omega SA model.

Casino Royale – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Quantum of Solace and Skyfall – Omega Seamaster 600m

Other Watches worn by Fictional Characters

What Watch does Rick Grimes wear?

The clarity of what watch that the zombie slaying cowboy Rick Grimes wears in The Walking Dead is not very clear. However, the general consensus among Walking Dead fans appears to be that Rick Grimes favoured timepiece is the Kenneth Cole KC3584.

What watch does Denzel Washington wear in the Equalizer (2014)?

The watch Denzel wears in the Equalizer has been identified as the Suunto Core All Black. The award-winning watch is a preference for those seeking to venture into the great outdoors, including key features to gauge altitude, temperature, atmospheric pressure and for those who don’t have Hagrid by their side at the appropriate moment – a storm alarm.

What watch does House wear?

Favored by the Dr. that everybody loves to watch insult people using his superior intellect and cunning charisma, was initially the Hamilton Khaki King Automatic H64455533. In seasons 4 and 5 the character House switches to a Casio Sea Pathfinder, model Spf40 -1v; a practical watch for a practical man.

What watch does Dexter wear?

Why wouldn’t you want to know the watch preference of a serial killer? The watch Dexter Morgan wears in the TV series Dexter is a Waltham Self-Winding 25 Jewel with a Speidel twist o flex band.

Other watches worn by Musicians

What watch does Adam Levine wear?


The lead singer of Maroon 5 and judge from TV series The Voice (2014) can usually be spotted adorning a Rolex Daytona or Rolex Submariner.

What watch does Ed Sheeran wear?

Ed Sheeran wears a Patek Philippe Nautilus and has also been seen wearing a Patek Philippe Aquanaut. The young singer song writer’s choice of watch has been commended by many.

What watch does Kanye West wear?

Kanye West wears various limited edition G-shocks including a Frogman and a Bape. This information holds contrast to the watch brands he mentions in the lyrics of his raps, such as Rolex and even Tudor.

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