White Hot Luxury: Best Watches for Snow Sports

There are a lot of things to think about when planning a holiday, especially a skiing or snowboarding break. With so much to pack, allow me to step in and offer five of the best watches for snow sports that range from the frivolously fun to the fearsomely functional.

Omega White Side of the Moon

Coordination is key. Stepping out on the slopes bedecked in the latest garb is all well and good, but if your watch doesn’t match your outfit then you’ll fall flat on your face (possibly in more ways than one).

Watches for Snow Sports
Image Courtesy of Omega

To guarantee you’ll match at least your surroundings, go for an Omega Speedmaster White Side of the Moon. A Speedy is always a solid choice, thanks to the rabid group of collectors propelling this stalwart’s popularity to new heights, and the abundance of aficionado inspired information available on the web to make collecting one of Omega’s most enduring classics a joy.

Breitling Emergency

This is the most (arguably only) serious entry on this list of best watches for snow sports. If you’re a fan of off piste adventures, the Breitling Emergency is the choice for you.

Watches for Snow Sports
Image Courtesy of Breitling

A truly enormous watch, the emergency more than justifies it’s gargantuan housing by packing in bucket-loads of potentially lifesaving tech. Unscrewing the antenna located by the seven o’clock lug when you’re not in mortal peril will result in two things: Firstly, a rescue helicopter will turn up to save your life; secondly your bank balance will shrink by a five digit sum. Cool party trick; massive hangover. Basically, don’t use it until you can see the Reaper sharpening his scythe…

Chanel Madamoiselle J12

I’m personally a big fan of Chanel’s watchmaking division. Partly because I’ve always cared more about the end product than the nature of its creation, but mostly because the aesthetics of their output are simply very sleek indeed…

Watches for Snow Sports
Image Courtesy of Chanel

Like it or loathe it, the J12 is a bit of a classic. It’s kind of the grown-up version of the Ice Watch, which although a horological abomination did have a certain je ne said quoi. This particular model references the old Mickey Mouse Rolex with aplomb. The animated cartoon of Coco Chanel is a delight. It is bold, and unapologetically whimsical. And most importantly, looks right at home in the bar after a hard day carving powder. With quite a bit of change from $10,000 (£7,000), this is a neat way to buy into the Chanel story while simultaneously gaining a bit of cult cool – this model is limited to just 555 pieces, after all.

Hublot Big Bang Unico White Ceramic

For those of you who prefer to descend the mountain on one plank rather than two, the Hublot Big Bang Unico White Ceramic might accentuate your rebel spirit a little better than the other models on this list of watches for snow sports.

This member of the frankly enormous Big Bang family is a bloated ceramic masterpiece. A 45mm case houses an in-house Unico movement that is beautifully revealed through Hublot’s characteristically industrial skeletonised dials. At around $20,000 (£14,000) this is an exciting addition to what is fast becoming a classic line of watches.

Audemars Piguet GMT Concept Watch

As the only watch on this list commanding more than six figures (retailing for around $215,000 (£151,000) if you were wondering), the Audemars Piguet GMT Concept Watch is a serious piece of kit.

The original design debuted way back in 2002, at which point it was most definitely one of the craziest watches from the future the world had ever seen. Even now, the best part of two decades later it stands out. And so it should. This white ceramic super watch looks at home in action or relaxing by the fire, and it’s appealing on so many levels it might just justify its mountainous price tag in time.


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About the Author:

Fell Jensen is a Swiss-trained watchmaker working as an industry analyst.