Winter Art and Antiques Fair Olympia: Reviewed

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Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia
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Its hard to believe the Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia just last week celebrated its 27th year of annual exhibitions.  As expected, the fair has taken centre stage for the art and antiques calendar this winter, with a prestigious reputation amongst collectors and exhibitors alike.

Synonymous with the dazzling art and antiques on display is the iconic National Hall venue in West London, which allowed for an impressive footfall of 20,000 visitors over the course of the week. You can see why the visitors arrived in abundance, with a relatively cheap entry fee, and over 30,000 pieces on display.

The pieces consisted of art, antiques, furniture, jewellery and collector’s pieces with prices ranging from £100 to £100 million; the eclectic variety of pieces on offer proves to be the leading reason why visitors continue to flock back year after year.

Country & Town House are quoted describing the Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia (WAAF) as a way for ‘enthusiasts to get their fix in between peak buying season for art and antiques’. This perfectly surmises what the winter fair is all about. Self knowingly to WAAF, this fair is minor in comparison to the summer exhibition and to others that feature around that time of year. However, what it does offer is a date for collectors and exhibitors to put in their their winter calendar, offering the latest in the fine art and antiques world to tide them over until the following summer. 

 Highlights & Features

  • The Marriage of Psyche – Brussels XVIIIth century – Tapestry
Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia
Image Source: Winter Arts & Antiques Fair

It would have been hard to miss this colossal tapestry. Featured next to the entrance, it was obvious this was to be a standout feature of the fair, not only for the vast size of it but for the realisation of the intricate detail that went into this magnificent 20th century piece. The artist illustrates a banquet taking place, in which Cupid and Psyche are kissing in the background, placing emphasis upon the feast and the arts taking place in the foreground. This exhibit came from Boccara Paris who are renowned for their tapestry and textile offerings.

  • Josef Hospodka Coloured Glass Vase
Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia
Image Source: Winter Arts & Antiques Fair

Tipped by Vanessa Curry, Independent Art advisor from Fine Art Sources as a standout feature in this year’s Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia, this uniquely coloured glass vase is not currently as valuable as one may expect. However, it is set to significantly rise in rarity and value over time, due to the spike in increase in post-modernism and the fact Chriska glassworks recently went out of production after being in business since 1414. Presented by exhibitor Richard Hoppé, this vase has potential for high investment value.

  • 1960s Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia
Image Source: Winter Arts & Antiques Fair

Finally, this 4.7 carat diamond and sapphire Burma ring from the 1960s stood out amongst the jewellery on display. The blue sapphire contrasts vividly with the shiny exterior diamonds to create a striking appearance. Again, this item was unlikely to be the most expensive feature in the jewellery section, but for aesthetic value and sheer elegance, this Burmese ring was a real winner.


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