Looking to Sell Your Jewellery Collection?


With steady market growth and demand, selling high-value jewellery continues to be a resourceful means of generating extra capital. Yet many pieces are purchased for their beauty and status, and therefore many owners are averse to selling – you can’t don what you don’t own. Borro Private Finance offers an alternative with lending solutions secured against the value of an asset. This frees clients to release and leverage the full worth of their jewellery while still retaining ownership.

Loans of up to 60% of the appraised value are secured against a client’s jewellery, with typical terms of 3 to 24 months. Assets are kept in highly secure storage facilities and at the end of the loan period, once the loan and accrued interest have been paid in full, assets are safely returned. This provides numerous benefits to those looking to temporarily increase their buying power:

Convenience – Quickly generate additional capital without being rushed into a sale or awaiting auction schedules.

Expertise – Our in-house valuations team and global network of auctioneers provide true-market appraisals that maximize loan potential.

Meticulous Service – The utmost care and security is provided for assets during appraisal, transit and storage.

Confidential – Loans are secured against the asset, therefore there are minimal financial checks.

Secured Loans are an excellent option for clients who need temporary access to liquidity yet aren’t looking to sell outright, allowing them to still leverage the value of jewellery that holds personal significance or could appreciate over time.

For additional information, please see Jewellery & Watch Finance.

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